I’m Signed Up for QuickBooks Connect. Are You?

I’m Signed Up for QuickBooks Connect. Are You?

I went to QuickBooks® Connect for the first time in 2016, and I was blown away! My expectations for the conference were not only met but exceeded. I can honestly tell you I left the event with some real and important insights about how best to set up, and run, my accounting business. 

Now, I’m getting ready to attend QuickBooks Connect for the second time. I’m all-in, but I know it can be difficult making the decision to go. It’s a financial investment, with flights and hotels to pay for. The conference itself has a price tag, too. In my opinion, however, the value you get back is priceless. I learned business strategies and approaches that truly changed my mindset, my practice and how I run my business.  

Here’s are my top 10 tips to help you get the most out of QuickBooks Connect. 

  1. Take a look at the list of sessions you want to attend. There are so many! This year, some of the “fan favorites” are repeated so if you see two sessions that are concurrent, you can take the repeated session at its second scheduled time. See the list of sessions here. And, download the QuickBooks Connect app that you received by email.
  2. From the minute you arrive at the airport, members of the QuickBooks Connect team are on hand to help you navigate your ride to the conference center. The bus ride is FREE. Officially, the buses run every 20 minutes, but it was my experience they were coming every ten. Once you step on that bus, you are amongst friends. You can just feel the warm vibes and the excitement!
  3. When you arrive at the conference center, there is so much to see. I really enjoyed meeting the app developers and learning about all sorts of apps designed to help save me time. For more insights about apps, you could also attend the Hackathon.
  4. Do NOT overbook yourself. My mistake at my first QuickBooks Connect was that I literally ran from one event to the next and had very little time in between to network. It was exhausting! This year, I’m making sure I’m building in plenty of time for networking and connecting.  
  5. If necessary, prepare for the change in time zone. Starting a week out from the event, see if you can stay up later every day and sleep in. Adjust your internal clock to align with California time. There are many “offsite” events to attend in the evenings, from Pre-con to gatherings thrown by some of the app developers. 
  6. Create an event schedule now so you know which sessions you are attending and where the later events are held. 
  7. The meals are great! Whatever your dietary preferences or restrictions, you’ll find plenty of delicious choices. I remember thinking, “How are they going to feed us all?”  Of course, the QuickBooks Connect team has it down to a science. Worth noting: lunchtime is networking time! Bring lots of business cards to hand out every day. 
  8. You are given so much swag! Don’t overpack. Save room for free stuff. 
  9. Find your fan favorites and say hi in person. I made a point of tracking down one of my favorite trainers, Michelle Long. I have followed Michelle for years, and she is my QuickBooks guru. It was so nice to meet her in person and get a hug. Yes, there is a lot of hugging at QuickBooks Connect! You meet people in person that you may only know from QuickBooks trainings, private Facebook groups or from this community.
  10. Speaking of community, the QuickBooks Community is hosting two events. On the main day (Tuesday, Nov. 6, 12:15-1:15 p.m.), Julie Gordon White has a meetup on how to stay focused and build your vision. If you have not followed her “Momentum to a Million” group, join us here on this page. QuickBooks Community also has a meetup called the Influencers Meetup.  It’s on the main day at 11-12 p.m., and you can find the details here.

If you can’t attend this year, I’ve got great news. I’ll be doing some Facebook Live streaming so you can experience the conference vicariously. I’ll be talking to attendees, networking and meeting the developers to give you a taste of QuickBooks Connect 2018. Maybe next year, we can connect in person!