Import Information From Google Calendar Into a QuickBooks Online Invoice

Import Information From Google Calendar Into a QuickBooks Online Invoice

Are you familiar with Google calendar? You ought to be … According to the app’s description, you can use Google Calendar to schedule meetings and track everything you’ll need to invoice your customer. Simply select the events you want to add to your invoice, and QuickBooks® Online will add the date, description, and the hours you worked.


  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • FREE!


  • No ability to assign the item associated when a calendar event is created.
  • Cannot limit user access, so users can only add their own calendar events, but you can choose from shared calendars.
  • Does not work with QuickBooks Online (QBO) mobile apps.


  • Functionality +1This product does exactly what it says it will: to connect a Google Calendar and allow a QBO user to add calendar events line items on invoices. Note: you can only add to invoices; you cannot add to sales receipts.
  • Learning Curve +1Super simple to use. The user gets asked what is the “most common” item used, then BOOM! … that item is added with the event title as description on invoices in QBO.

  • Pricing +1: Can’t beat free!
  • Platform +1: Worked great with Safari, Chrome and Chrome on my iPad.
  • Wildcard +1You cannot use this with mobile apps, but it does work when I log in to QBO with a browser on my phone or tablet. And, as stated above, you also cannot add calendar events as line items to sales receipts. However, if anyone has shared their calendar with the Google account you connect, you can choose events from those shared calendars.


Overall, I absolutely love the app. If you’re a GSuite or Google Calendar user, this is a great way to enter any details about an appointment into your schedule and then easily invoice. I will absolutely be using it for situations where we invoice for one on one appointments.

I’ve got more details on how it works on my blog, so check it out.

One last thing, a pro tip: after you create the invoice, add the URL to the QBO sales transaction to the calendar event description.

Editor’s note: Click here to connect your QuickBooks with Google Calendar.