Important Tips for Filing Québec's Corporate Income Tax Return CO-17

Over the years, common questions arise when filing CO-17 and often, the answers to these questions come as a surprise to most.

Do you file CO-17 returns? If so, did you know:

  • A Québec Identification number (ending in “IC 0001”) is mandatory if you are filing a CO-17 return, whereas a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) is optional. If you have both, even better!
  • If your business has just recently incorporated  and you are filing a CO-17 for the first time, you may not be able to file electronically. Revenu Québec may not have your business registered in their records; if this is the case, your filing could be rejected and you’ll need to contact them before trying again.
  • Are you filing old returns and want to do it electronically? You might be out of luck. Revenu Québec only supports three versions of corporate returns at a given time – the current, and two years prior. If you are filing a return with a taxation year beyond two prior modules, you’ll have to paper file.

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Kimberly Siu

Kimberly Siu

Kimberly Siu is a CPA and tax specialist from public practice, who now leads ProFile’s corporate tax module.

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