Tips for Using Income and Expense Classes in QuickBooks

QuickBooks® clients who use class tracking can print reports that provide income and expenses by class. Classes frequently represent divisions within a company. A Profit and Loss Report can show the income and expenses per class. Selecting the Profit & Loss by Class report from the Report Center will generate a report that shows the income and expenses that have been assigned to a class. For QuickBooks versions 2010 and earlier, the report does not, however, report the transactions to which a class has not yet been assigned. See the following report example.

To identify the transactions that have not been assigned to a class, a Profit and Loss report is generated and the column option at the top of the window is set to Class. This will produce the report as follows.

The Client Data Review can be used to reclassify transactions to add or change classes. If CDR is not available, QuickZoom on any Total row of the Unclassified column for the detail of the transactions that have not been assigned to a class.