Inna Korenzvit - Client Sticker Shock

Two months in, Inna shares Ron’s advice that she customize her service list by emphasizing benefits and value, and that she change the conversation to meeting her customers’ needs.

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Our main problem right now is transitioning from hourly pricing to fixed pricing and what we have experienced is after having a few promising clients after presented with our fixed pricing and with our service options they would have a sticker shock and turn away.

What we used to do on our service agreement is give a list of tasks that we'll be performing. What Ron told us to do is present it in a different way such as we would not just list the services that we will be performing on our service options, but rather phrase it in a way that we will be addressing the issues that our potential customers are having and how we will meet their needs. It will be a list but rather showing what we will be doing, it will be showing what the customer will be receiving.

We totally restructured just listing the tasks that we will be performing to the value we will be bringing to our customers. It will be a form of fixed pricing and the difference will be in the conversation that we will be having with the customer.

A lot of the information that he shared with us was new and it's something we were struggling with but just never thought of it ourselves, so having talked to him about it, it definitely gave us a great course of action and knowledge of how to proceed with this moving forward.

What we're excited about is having this paradigm shift from the way that we were doing things in the past to doing them better, more efficiently, and with better value to our customers moving forward.