Inna Korenzvit - Working Smarter

In month three, Inna shares her surprise at how smoothly the conversion to fixed pricing has gone and outline the other benefits she has realized from making the switch.

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We met with this customer a couple of months ago and after lengthy negotiations, he just said he went with somebody else. It didn't work out with that person and he came back to us. At this point with the new way that we present our services to him, he signed on during our first meeting.

We have revamped our service options, the way we laid it out, the way that we verbalized it and then after having the value conversation, it shifts the whole understanding of the services we provide and what they get it out of it.

Overall fixed pricing help our business in a number of ways. We feel that our customers are happier working with us and that this is our primary objective. For us internally, it saves us a lot of work. We have our invoicing on a recurring basis. They just go out on the first of every month with the same price. We save a lot of time not to have to generate the invoices and the first time in many months I've actually taken two days off.

We used this new approach that we've learned from Ron on a few current customers. Surprisingly enough the three customers that we have approached, didn't push back. They were happy to switch over to fixed pricing, even though we raised our price. It just worked out great.

It was a huge surprise for us, because we were very anxious and nervous about doing it. It worked out great. Our goal is to convert a 100 percent of our customers to fixed price. So far we've done about 30 percent.

My biggest challenge right now is to perfect the value conversation. I'm still not 100 percent comfortable with it. I know the services we provide, I know the value that our customers get out of it. I just want to be able to present it in the way that they understand.

Approaching our current customers and switching them over to fixed pricing went so smoothly, that it was a big surprise to us. Nobody pushed back. They were all happy to sign on to fixed pricing. It impressed them that they'll know exact price every month, not to have to worry what it will cost them.

Since I started working with Ron, I feel it's all about being effective. It's not the need to work hard, but the need to work right. I'm working smarter and I'm doing better. I'm showing a higher profit and by default it falls into us being more efficient with our time.