Interesting and incredible insights learned at Scaling New Heights

Interesting and incredible insights learned at Scaling New Heights

I just returned from attending my first Scaling New Heights conference. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the conference. I’ve always wanted to go to this one because it seems to be the “ProAdvisor®” conference. It did not disappoint!

Here are the insights I gleaned from the conference:

Last year’s conference was all about “Tame the Machines.” From speaking to the other conference members, a feeling last year emerged of a fear of artificial intelligence taking over our profession and taking away our jobs.

Flash forward to this year‘s conference and a lot has changed. This year was all about how can we use the technology presented to us and implement it into our practice. It seems the fear of artificial intelligence taking over has gone away. Fear has turned into excitement over how we can work in our practice and use technology to take what we do to a higher level – for example, how we start to bring in more advisory-level services.

Of course, Intuit® is forward ready and has implemented this into their software. Ariege Misherghi, leader of the Accountant Segment within Intuit’s Small Business Self-Employed Group, presented this on the main stage. Added to QuickBooks® Online, you will soon find a new feature allowing us to deep dive into the numbers. We will now have the ability to provide our clients with a higher level of service. With the new advisory services tab, you will be able to charge more money and add the extra bonus of analyzing records.

This was definitely the number one trend at this conference: gone are the days when we spend our time typing in all the details of every transaction manually. Automation will take care of that. Does anyone ever really miss doing this?

Another exciting part of the conference was hearing about the new Secret Society of ProAdvisory. We got a little taste of what’s to come. New logos, lots of swag and even “secret” pins were shared at the conference. Misty Megia is by far one of my favorite main stage performers. She talked about the new training that will soon be offered. Again, much of this revolved around advisory level services, and Intuit will also be offering industry-specific training.

Misty touched upon how caring and sharing our accounting community is. She ended her speech with a touching moment regarding one of our fellow ProAdvisors (and my fellow Accountant Council member) who had just lost her sister. Misty was touched by her story. While she didn’t mention her by name, she provided a hashtag (#stephrocks) for all of us to share in a way to remember her sister by painting a rock and leaving it at a place you love. It was one of the most touching moments of the conference. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Lastly, on a personal note, as we ProAdvisors often do, we band together. We share! We give! Just look at all the Facebook groups and how much we all help one another.

There’s no better way to shine that light on that moment than the one I had with my partner, Matthew Fulton. Matthew is color blind. He has often described himself as an accountant who is “color dumb.” That drove me crazy! A few of my colleagues chipped in and got him some EnChroma glasses so that he can see color. That’s technology at its finest – changing someone’s life! In the video below, you’ll get to see the moment – when he was able to see color for the first time. A lot of us were there and I hope you enjoy the video. It truly shows our ProAdvisor community at its finest.

Together, we all succeed!