Intuit Global Firm of the Future Finalist (Australia) - New Wave Solutions

Australian Firm of the Future finalist. See how he uses cloud accounting to help small businesses dream big.

Ruben: Fairly typical day. We wake up, maybe 4:00, 4:30 in the morning. This is  my girlfriend. She's also an accountant, interestingly.

We're just about to do a circuit. High intensity, interval training. I get out of bed, not saying, "I don't want to go to work. I don't want to do this. I get out of bed thinking, "There's work to be done, but it will all be worth it."

Having that lifestyle, balance. That's the dream for me. My name's Ruben Bagalla of New Wave Business Solutions and we are the firm of the future.

We're located right here on the Gulf Coast, southeast Kingsland, Australia. In terms of business and tourism, it's definitely booming.      

Ready to go to the beach Buddha?       

The Gulf has created their own miniature version of the Silicon Valley. They call it Silicon Lakes. Come on. We're definitely a country where innovation and efficiency is a key to business success.


We'll Instagram picture for all the New Wave fans. Going to head to one of our local cafe's and meet the team.

Should we have some look at some work?

They're a huge amount of business owners out there that don't even realize that the cloud is available.

If they do, they don't realize the potential of how much it can benefit the business.                            

Don here is just thinking about switching to Quick Books online. How are you currently taking all your records?

Don:                    Mental notes.

Ruben:                All your receipts and?

Don:                    They're in a plastic bag full in the car.

Ruben:                Oh okay.         

This is Quick Books here. I think it all comes down to education. If we can show them, and I love drawing pictures. If I can show them how it's going to benefit their business, then I love when the clients are very open to change.                       

We've gone the very traditional pricing method per hour. We don't do this so what we want to do this is some value services.                           

It just needs to be explained in a simple, yet achievable way. We want to say something different. We want to stand out.                         

Thanks guys. Thanks for meeting us.                           

I thought, New Wave. What a perfect way to bring in the Gulf Coast being the beach and the New Wave of accountants so that's how we like to picture ourselves. We are the New Wave. The new generation.

The new era of bookkeepers and accountants.