Intuit Global Firm of the Future Finalist (United Kingdom) - Hemingway Bailey

Alan Hemingway of Hemingway Bailey is the UK Firm of the Future finalist. See how his firm uses cloud accounting to provide better advice for clients.

Alan:    Coming to see the accountant shouldn't be the same as going the dentist and getting a tooth pulled. There's the sales figures for last week. Gone up, which is good.

Alan:    The more and more we interact with clients, the better advice we can give them. I'm Alan Hemingway from Hemingway Bailey. We are the Firm of the Future. We're in Beverley, it's on the eastern side of a big county in England called Yorkshire.

Alan:    Quite a special place, old historic town. Beverley's really famous for its minster, and the bells. Six years ago, I decided to start my own business. Never worked in accounting practices before. I had no clients.


Our culture's quite young, we're quite relaxed. If you want stuffy accountants, we're not for you. Joanne, for example, is my technical expert. Ruby's billing and software. If we've got a project coming up, Evie's a brilliant project manager.

Dave:    We're a generation full of apps. We're millennials.

Alan:    Dave's the newest member of our team. He looks after our social media.

Dave:    These are the tweets that we've sent out.

Ruby:    Working at Hemingway Bailey is fantastic.


Joanne:  Awesome sauce.

Dave:    Spiffy.

Evie:    Cracking.

Alan:    We're fully cloud-based, which means we can work anywhere. This new software, the important thing is you need to find a problem that's happening for a client or customer. If you're able to provide that solution you've got a good, valuable business.


We're going to do a presentation on the top 5 apps that actually help businesses boost profitability. All our clients get QuickBooks online. The more we get our message across, the more we've found we actually attract the right type of client that suits our culture. This is a great town to be in accountant practice at the moment.

Alan:    We're lean, we're nimble. We're very flexible. Because of that, we'll quickly adopt and implement this new software that will make our business much, much better.