Intuit Global Firm of the Future Winner and US Finalist - 24hr Bookkeeper

Karine Woodman of 24hr Bookkeeper is the US Firm of the Future finalist (and the winner of our Firm of the Future contest!). See how she uses cloud accounting to save time and help small business clients. 

Karine:    We are in Hibbing, Minnesota. I guess traffic would be 5 people at stop sign. Life is simple.

 My kids can play and really enjoy the outdoors. There's a huge sense of community.

We're close, but we're growing on a national level, because we have systems in place to do that.

I'm Karine Woodman, from 24hr Bookkeeper. We are the Firm of the Future.   In my previous employment, we had to find a solution for the accounting. I had done research and came across QuickBooks.    I've got a sales lead I have to put some information for.

When I left, I realized that I was really good at it. Now, we strictly operate on QuickBooks online.    

Leveraging the cloud in our business, I don't even think we could be competitive without doing that.    We're saving time for ourselves. We're able to take on more clients.

I really like Twitter, because there's such a community. I think what's really cool about social media is you can get the information out right away.

All of our work is set up on a project system. We strictly offer value pricing. There's no worry that we're going to surprise them with extra bills.   It's important to us that our clients view us not as a service they just hired, but more as a member on their team.
I think if we had 4 more hours in a day, we would fill it with more work. This is something that's scheduled.    

Kickboxing helps me relieve some stress, I guess. Just like my clients, you know, I'm learning a lot. There's a lot of uncomfortable situations that I have to deal with. Failure is not an option.

What excites me about the future is the potential for what success will look like in 5, 10, 15 years. I don't even know what that's going to look like, but I'm really excited to get there.