Intuit Ranks #11 on Fortune’s List of 100 Best Companies to Work For

Intuit Ranks #11 on Fortune’s List of 100 Best Companies to Work For

After a staggering 870,000+ employee surveys poured in, Intuit® ranked #11 on the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work For 2022, an annual list conducted by Fortune and Great Place To Work. Employees weigh in on not only the amount of trust, respect, and fairness they see in their employer, but also the level of pride, togetherness, and genuine care for their well-being that they feel and experience. Check out Intuit’s page on the Fortune website.

The survey data gathered, and the determined results, represent a thorough process that includes analyzing 60 statements on employee experience and culture, two open-ended questions, and six essay questions, while also taking a look at the dynamics and demographics within the organizations.

While the survey itself may be complex, the methodology is simple: “Ensuring that every single employee, no matter who they are or what they do for their company, is having a consistently positive experience at work,” according to the “Trust Model” at Great Place To Work. They also define great workplaces as those who “maximize human potential through effective leaders, meaningful values, and a deep foundation of trust with all employees.”

According to Fortune, 95% of Intuit staff feel it’s a great place to work, while also saying that Intuit has kept their well-being as a top priority since the pandemic began. Beyond that, employees used words like “care, culture, family, values, and well-being” throughout their survey responses.

From our Intuit family, we are humbled by our staff’s heartfelt words and experiences, as well as their hard work and dedication to helping drive growth for you – our accountant community. Your unwavering support and trust has been a big part of our journey, and we will continue our mission at Intuit: Powering prosperity around the world.

And congratulations to the other companies who made the list!