Intuit Receives Two Awards for Most Trusted Brand and Best Cloud Service

Intuit® recently received recognition as a top 50 best cloud service for small businesses by PC Magazine, and also one of the top 20 most trusted brands in small business by Alignable’s SMB Trust Index.

PC Magazine said, "If you know anything at all about cloud-based accounting, then you know Intuit QuickBooks® Online Plus is a behemoth in the industry. For small businesses, it's particularly attractive thanks to its comprehensive set of features specifically designed for modest-sized companies. It's got a clean and intuitive UI, is affordably priced, and features flexible contract records, transaction forms, and report templates."

Here's an image from Alignable detailing out the 20 most trusted brands. The SMB Trust Index asked more than 42,000 small businesses across North America to weigh in, while PC Magazine tested hundreds of cloud services for small businesses to decide on their top 50.