Intuit’s Ariege Misherghi Kicks Off QuickBooks Connect 2018

Intuit’s Ariege Misherghi Kicks Off QuickBooks Connect 2018

As more than 2,100 accountants and bookkeepers looked on, Ariege Misherghi, leader of the Accountant Segment within Intuit’s® Small Business Self-Employed Group, kicked off the fifth annual QuickBooks® Connect, highlighting new innovations that help accounting professionals better meet the needs of their clients and provide them with opportunities to grow and prosper.

To date, 1 million accounting professionals all over the world partner with Intuit through QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA), 400,000 of which are members of the ProAdvisor® Program. Of those ProAdvisors, 140,000 are certified in QuickBooks, demonstrating their expertise and knowledge to better help meet the needs of their clients. In addition, the QuickBooks ecosystem currently supports 3.4 million small business owners and the self-employed, 58 percent of which are connected with an accountant.

In an effort to support accounting professionals worldwide, Misherghi shared that Intuit’s vision for accountants is to create the one place to help them grow and manage all their practice and all their clients, across all the services they offer.

In a continued effort to deliver on this vision, Misherghi unveiled several new innovations and enhancements to QuickBooks, QBOA and its integrated practice management capabilities from the QuickBooks Connect MainStage on Monday, including:

  • Now Available: Client Overview – Now available, in QBOA, Client Overview is designed to help accounting professionals win new client business. Accountants often review a new prospect’s books to understand how much work will be required to perform a one-time clean up and how much work there will be to maintain the books on an ongoing basis. This work can take hours, but Client Overview takes that down to minutes by showing accountants everything they need on one screen. From additional services that might be required, to the volume of transactions on a monthly basis, to how recently the books were reconciled, accountants can now use Client Overview to more confidently price their services and help their clients understand what is behind that pricing. Learn more about Client Overview here.
  • In Beta: Statement Auto Import – Our research shows that 35 percent of an accounting professional’s time is spent chasing clients for the assets they need, such as bank statements, to get work done. Available now in beta, when a client connects a financial institution to QuickBooks to download transactions, QuickBooks automatically imports bank statements, too.
  • Coming Soon: Project Profitability – QuickBooks will soon support job costing end-to-end, inclusive of time tracking and payroll. By combining the power of QuickBooks Payroll, TSheets by QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online (QBO), accounting professionals and their clients will be able to understand the profitability of their projects and how labor costs impact how much money they are making.
  • Coming Soon: QBOA Email Integration – Accountants who use QBOA’s practice management say they love the idea of having one place to manage all their work, but in actuality, they have two places: QBOA and their email inbox. Misherghi demonstrated how the team is currently developing an integration between QBOA and email. This is an important innovation, as people spend on average more than 12 hours a week on email. Currently under development, if an accountant gets an email that contains work or a task that needs to get done, instead of being a distraction, they can simply forward that email to QuickBooks. QuickBooks will capture the task through artificial intelligence and create a project in practice management. When available, this will work for any email client, including Gmail and Outlook.
  • The Future: Client Benchmarking – Client Benchmarking, within QBOA, represents Intuit’s vision for the future. Here, Intuit will help accounting professionals deliver more value to their clients by leveraging data on the QuickBooks platform that instantly provides deep insight into how a business is performing relative to peers. Client Benchmarking could even recommend actions for accounting professionals and their clients to consider in order to make them more profitable and increase their cash flow.

Concluding her MainStage presentation, Misherghi emphasized how she and her team will continue to evolve and enhance the capabilities within QBOA and practice management to fulfill the vision of providing one place for accountants to help them grow and manage all their practice and all their clients, across all the services they offer.