Inventory by erplain: Easy Inventory Management and Sales Orders

Inventory by erplain: Easy Inventory Management and Sales Orders

erplain’s story is the classic tale of a clever entrepreneur who decided to take matters into his own hands and solve his own challenges, using a bit of technology and a lot of ingenuity. When Edouard was working for a small distributor in France, he created some Excel macros to automate some inventory and order management processes. For a while, the spreadsheets would work, but Edouard realized there had to be a more efficient and modern way to automate his inventory and order management. Teaming up with me, his brother, we went to work on developing erplain – for the greater good of small businesses everywhere.

erplain welcomed its first customer in 2015, and now works with small businesses in 23 different countries.

Functionality and Main Features                                                         

erplain is an online inventory and order management application that automates the creation of sales orders, invoices and purchase orders, while updating inventory in real time.

Our deep Quickbooks® Online (QBO) integration will help small businesses:

  • Create Sales Orders (Reserving products prior to being invoiced): manage multiple stock locations.
  • Set up multiple price levels.
  • Handle products with barcode scanners.
  • Create assemblies/bundles.
  • Set up user permissions.                   

In addition to creating invoices and purchase orders on Quickbooks, erplain syncs products, inventory and contacts in real time.

Accounting pros can extend their scope of services with erplain, giving their clients’ businesses tangible benefits, such as establishing a more efficient sale process and optimizing their inventory. The erplain integration will feed QBO with more accurate and reliable data, which spreadsheets or pen and paper can never do. erplain has recently created a partner program to support the needs of accounting pros.

What Sets erplain Apart

The features, user friendliness and pricing are designed for the needs of very small businesses. We strive to make erplain as intuitive and appealing as possible. Customers are telling us everyday how much they love our user interface.

erplain knows small business owners have a lot on their plate and have limited time to learn new technologies. That’s why erplain is also easy to set up, so accountants and bookkeepers can get their clients up and running in no time.

Our deep Integration with QBO will sync invoices, purchase orders, products, inventory, customers and suppliers in real time. Creating an invoice or a purchase order in erplain will create the same transaction on QBO, not a journal entry.

Moreover, erplain is available in English and French, and support and training can be provided in both languages. Sales and purchase PDF documents can be generated now in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. Other languages will soon be added.

Customer Feedback

The product team at erplain loves customer feedback. They use this feedback to prioritize the development of new features and, in turn, release updates every month. They actively communicate with customers, providing them valuable resources to manage their businesses and the opportunity to share their feedback.

Working With QuickBooks

“We released our integration with QBO in March 2017 because it was the top requested integration from our customers and prospects," the team says. "Intuit® has built an incredible community of partners: developers, accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses willing to help and support each other in this ever-changing industry. We are proud to be part of this community and love every opportunity to meet our partners and customers at QuickBooks events.

At erplain, we believe that small businesses are not only the backbone of a country’s economy, but also a strong source of future economic growth.

“We share the same vision as Intuit: giving the tools to passionate entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses,” the team says. "We are excited to continue this journey with Intuit, helping small business owners spend more time on their expertise and passion."

Who We Cater To

erplain is designed for very small businesses (typically with less than 10 employees) who need more advanced order and inventory management features to run their businesses. Their activities range from wholesale to distribution, import/export and to contractor businesses.

Way Forward

At erplain, here is what keeps us up at night: there is a reason why Google returns 1.7 billion search results for "Business idea." Creating a business and being your own boss has always been a huge temptation for many professionals who want to be more in control of their lifestyle. And, thanks in part to technology, we believe that the number the entrepreneurs will increase significantly in the next two decades.

Technology is changing the way you build and operate your business. From communications, to accounting, to sales, technology allows business owners to focus more time on their core skills and passion. For example, a new entrepreneur is now able to use the same tools as a Fortune 500 company to manage its communications.

It is truly inspiring to be part of a team that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. We will continue to innovate to empower individuals who aspire in building successful businesses.