Invoice With Google Calendar

Invoice With Google Calendar

If you or your clients track billable time or schedule appointments using Google Calendar, or you’re in search of an app that does just that, you’ll love Invoice with Google Calendar. It pulls your calendar events into a QuickBooks® Invoice for easy access to billable work right from QuickBooks Online. 

What’s New:

  • No tagging required: QuickBooks can search and find any calendar event without the fuss of special categorizing or labeling.
  • Add events directly to your invoices: No need to create timesheets when you can view and select events directly on your QuickBooks invoice screen.
  • No Chrome extension needed: Use the tools you like, without adding anything extra.

How to Use It:

Getting started is easy – just head to the App Card, authorize the integration and then click on the Google Calendar icon at the bottom of your QuickBooks Invoice.

Watch the step-step set-up video for more information.

If you connected to our first version, here’s how you can update to the beta:

1. Go to your Bill my time from Google Calendar app settings (Apps tab >My Apps > Settings).

2. Change Calendar Import Method to V2 (Add to invoice).

3. Refresh QuickBooks, and you will see a new calendar icon on your invoice page.