It's Holiday Time and a Free Gift is Yours

Would you turn down a free gift? We accountants know that nothing is free right? There is always a “catch.” But, what if the “catch” was something that benefited your business? Would you be curious?

What Your Gift is Not:

Not a Separate Accounting Program

Nope. When you use QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) for your firm, it will look and feel just like your clients’ version of QuickBooks Online (QBO). Features will differ, depending on which of the versions your client is using:

  • Self-Employed
  • Simple Start
  • Essentials
  • Online Plus

Another Version of QBO

Your QBOA is not another SKU of QBO.

What Your Gift Is:

This holiday gift is one that will keep giving all year long. By signing up for your free QBOA, you will have the following:

Dashboard Access to Your Client’s Files

With QBOA, you will have a single location for accessing all of your clients’ QBO files. Your dashboard provides you with a quick visual reminder of important tasks to be completed by you or the client. Your QBOA gives you special access to accountant tools and resources, when working with your clients’ QBO files.

Subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus with Full Service Payroll

Your QBOA access also includes a free subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus, with Full Service Payroll for your own firm’s use. Now, you can manage your own firm’s accounting in one place.

Efficiently assign access to only the firm employee(s) that manage your company’s books.

Employees, or contractors, can be assigned as “Team Members,” and assigned access to the client’s files that they are personally responsible for.

QBO Training and Certification

Your free gift includes access to live training events, as well as recorded self-paced training materials.

Earn the optional QuickBooks Online Certification Status, and Intuit® will market your services through the Find-A-ProAdvisor site.

Access to Accountant Specific Tools and Resources

The gift that keeps on giving makes our jobs of working with our clients’ QBO files easier!

How Can You Get This Gift?

Do you have five minutes? That is all you will need to grab this gift for yourself!

Sign Up

Click here to sign up, or call (888) 666-7917. Easy, no credit card required. Consider creating a Firm User ID, i.e., You will need to have a valid email address. The email, or phone (mobile or landline) listed, is used for verification.


List an Accounting Firm Name. This name will display at the top of the QBOA Dashboard.

List an Accounting Firm Name. This name will display at the top of the QBOA Dashboard.

That’s it, and you are done. The free gift is yours.

Invite Your Clients

Getting started with QBOA is as easy as inviting your QBO clients to add you as an Accountant User (no additional fee to you or your client).

Your Clients Invite You

Optionally, you can request that your client invite you directly. Remember the mention of Intuit listing you on the Find-A-ProAdvisor site (Certification required)? With the leads generated from this site, new business can simply add you as one of their two Accountant Users. It is that simple for them, as well as for you.

Like to Have More Detailed Information?

Click here to receive an email with a link to download your free “QuickBooks Online Accountant – Collaborating with Clients” PowerPoint Presentation in PDF.