Jillian Verdun’s Practice Helped by QuickBooks Online Access

Jillian Verdun’s Practice Helped by QuickBooks Online Access

Our customers are one in a million – and now that Intuit has surpassed a major milestone, 1 million QuickBooks® Online subscribers – we’re highlighting customers who have been on the journey to the cloud with us. Whether they started in 2001 with the first version of QuickBooks Online (QBO) or recently started using the offering, here are the faces, stories and lives of our customers. Thanks for being #ThanksAMillion.

Today, we talked with Jillian Verdun, founder of JMV Financial Services, about her financial management services and adoption of the cloud.

Q: Tell us about JMV Financial Services.

Jillian: I started my business in 2007 when I opened my tax practice. In 2008, I got my first bookkeeping client and my business has just kept growing. My business is not just bookkeeping, though; I also provide consultation, speaking engagements and mentoring to help businesses grow. In addition, I help clients implement systems such as QuickBooks, provide payroll services using Intuit® Full Service Payroll, prepare taxes, and help with financial management, including retirement.

That’s why we are called “Financial Services,” not just accounting. I continue to expand my business and venture out to see what else there is for me to do!

Q: When did you start using QBO?

Jillian: I transitioned my first client to QBO in 2010-2011. The client was on desktop, but she needed more mobility, so I got her online. For my own business, I started using QBO in 2014 when the new version rolled out. I am still learning and getting acclimated, but enjoy it.

Q: How many customers do you have using QBO?

Jillian: Currently, about 5-6. I had one desktop client who didn’t want to learn anything new, so she gave everything to me and I put her on QBO.

Q: How has using QBO changed how you work?

Jillian: It’s easier for me to work in the cloud, where I can access my work anywhere. I don’t have to worry about external software and being able to remote access my clients.

Q: Do you use QBO Mobile and Tablet applications as well?

Jillian: I use QBO on my Samsung Tablet and my Android, but only for limited items. One of my clients really likes the mobile feature for invoicing; she can invoice her clients on the spot and doesn’t have to wait until she gets home. She’s one of my customers that I convinced to move to the cloud since she likes the ease of 24/7 access.

Q: Do you use any apps that connect to QBP?

Jillian: I’ve found that many QuickBooks users also use FreshBooks, so I’ve certified myself in FreshBooks and figured out how it syncs with QuickBooks. I also use LivePlan for myself, which links to QuickBooks.

Q: Are you QuickBooks Online Certified?

Jillian: I’m working on my QBO certification, and I have signed up for the online QuickBooks ProAdvisor program.