How to Lead Your Firm Into the Future of Accounting

In the beginning, it was all about volume, and long hours, and paper, paper, paper. I knew a long time ago that's not what I wanted to do, and I always knew I wanted to find a better way. Having the data in one location, not having to manipulate it, having our clients have technology make them more efficient so they have more time to focus on their businesses is what it's all about. Our job's to go back in there, integrate passion back into the business, and get them to do what they love doing. We're starting to see a lot of referrals because people are realizing, "Wow, there is a different type of CPA, or different type of accountant out there, and I need that help." The last two years have been a tremendous change in what we've see on the technology side for accounting software for our clients. Intuit is saying, "We understand that you guys are the key to getting small businesses to understand how to better run their businesses," and they're providing us the most amazing tools to finally do it.

It doesn't even feel like I'm in a CPA firm anymore. It feels like I'm in a technology company. It just happened, no different than getting in our car and turning the key, and the car just starts. We don't know what happens when you turn that key and all the things that have to happen in order for that car to start. We just turn the key and the car starts, and we start driving. I feel like ten years from now, we're going to look back, and we're going to say, "That's what happens now with accounting." What advice would I give. You have to think about what it is that you want to do, the type of person you want to be, what's your mission, what's your purpose. It's an amazing time right now to be an entrepreneur. We're supposed to be born people, accountants, and the reality is, we're not born, and we're very different than that. We are trying to disrupt the industry, and it's pretty exciting. It's very amazing.