Learn About Collaborative Accounting Partnerships at QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

Learn About Collaborative Accounting Partnerships at QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

At QuickBooks® Connect Toronto 2017 (coming Dec. 4-6, 2017), you’ll have the opportunity to attend expert-led breakouts, listen to motivational speakers and network with your peers. It’s a small business event with big dividends, one of which is growth for your business.

Brad Celmainis of Brad Celmainis Accounting Solutions has a unique perspective about growth in the accounting industry. He’ll be sharing his revolutionary ideas on collaborative partnerships during a panel discussion at QuickBooks Connect Toronto.

You can hear him and his partner, Tanis Young of Maven Bookkeeping, talk about their partnership, why it’s working and how QuickBooks Online (QBO) plays an important part in it. Check out when their session is scheduled by viewing the agenda here. If you haven’t yet registered, I suggest you do it right now – you’re not going to want to miss what they have to say!

In the meantime, Brad took time out of his busy practice to share a bit of his story, as well as his thoughts on how professional accountants and bookkeepers can form successful, trust-based partnerships that transcend the traditional way of doing business and encourage growth.

The Case for Collaborative Partnerships

Brad’s journey to becoming a collaborative partnership advocate is a great one. He says it started with his visit to QuickBooks Connect in San Jose two years ago.

“I went as a guest of Intuit®. I was still representing a lot of different brands and I didn’t really understand the technology that was out there,” Brad says. “I spent a week there, learned a lot and met amazing people. I came back with a whole new vision of where I wanted to go, but I didn’t really know what that direction looked like – I just knew that I wanted a change and that I wanted to frame it around Intuit.”

Three days after he returned from the QuickBooks Connect San Jose, Brad attended a QBO Advanced training session, where he met Tanis for the first time; they hit it off immediately and found that they were on the same page professionally.

Neither one knew, however, that their chance meeting was going to lead to a unique partnership between his accounting practice and her bookkeeping business. Inserting myself, Bryan Tritt, into the story here, Brad called me a few days after meeting Tanis to get advice on his desire to make change. And, I just so happened to ask him if he knew Tanis. Amazing coincidence, or meant to be? Either way, their partnership was about to begin.

“Tanis and I met up about a month or so later, and we agreed that we should try something together. About eight or nine months down the road, we started taking on joint clients. My whole vision is that there’s different ways to come together strategically in this industry,” Brad explains. “I wanted to work with someone who really shared my vision and was really dialed in. That’s why Tanis and I agreed to work together.”

Both Brad and Tanis want to disrupt the status quo of the accounting and bookkeeping industry,  but with the mindset that ‘disrupt’ is a positive thing. Brad says, “Disruption is a big buzzword these days in the tech space. We sort of disrupted the way both of us were going to do business, especially working exclusively together.”

They’ve been successfully collaborating for about a year now and their partnership is an integral part of his brand. Unlike traditional accounting firms that provide a list of possible bookkeepers to their clients, Brad highlights Tanis’ bookkeeping services, putting her at the top of his list; Tanis does the same for her clients whom she thinks would be a great fit for Brad’s accounting services. And, both are dedicated to using QBO as their accounting software – another collaborative partnership!

“When we bring on clients now, it has to be on QBO. We’ll also use other apps that both Tanis and I can access to run the whole process through our system. I’ve wrapped my whole brand around Intuit. I no longer deal with competing brands,” Brad says.

All of Tanis’ clients use QBO solely. She is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB), as well as a ProAdvisor® for both QuickBooks Desktop and QBO. Their collaboration is based on recognizing that her bookkeeping expertise complements his accounting and financial consulting skills, all wrapped around QBO offerings and apps.

He says, “The way we’ve kind of worked our business together is that I view what I offer as a premium brand because you get Tanis’ and my expertise. When I meet with a client now, I want to determine where their pain points are and what we can do to help solve them. It’s often around bookkeeping and that’s where Tanis becomes a key factor. I then tailor it down even further by bringing in the apps and the software. It’s about serving the client, and I wouldn’t consider doing this if it wasn’t with someone who wasn’t closely aligned with what I’m trying to do.”

Even though I know the story (and even participated in it), I’m still inspired by their life-changing collaboration. I feel attending QuickBooks Connect Toronto may be the life-changing experience you want – or need – to make changes that positively affect your business’ success.

Collaborate and Grow at QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

Brad believes collaborative partnerships are based on trust and a shared vision. He views them as scalable and adjustable situations that allow everyone to benefit. He also recognizes that if the benefits aren’t there, there’s enough flexibility for each partner to make necessary changes.

“It’s a work in progress, but it’s been fun. It’s a learning experience. I’ve really learned to value what bookkeepers bring to the table. And, at the end of the day, it’s Intuit’s product and way of doing things that brought us all together. It was meant to be, so to speak,” he says.

Register for QuickBooks Connect Toronto today and see what QBO and collaboration can do for you and your business! Make sure you attend the session with Brad and Tanis to get further insights of how your business can benefit from collaborative accounting partnerships. See you there!