How a Professional Website Can Help Propel Your Firm Forward

Historically our website was really just a place where people would get our phone number and call us or maybe shoot us an e-mail. As I think about where we're heading, we have a tremendous opportunity. We created out new website with the idea is that people can come to us and gather information that not only helps them with financial perspective but also helps them from information that could actually propel their business.

If there's information we're providing that people really like, we're going to provide more of it, so it's blogs or videos or maybe just a checklist of 10 things that every small business owner needs to know. I think it's important to try to be, if you want to be a trusted advisor, to have whether a niche or something that makes you stand out from the crowd. There are so many tools and ways to get websites that are cheap or free. It doesn't take a lot of money. It doesn't take a lot of support system. You've got to take the stab because people are going to Google and typing in your city and the word 'bookkeeping' or 'tax.' You've got to be found. No longer are people going to their phone book to find you.


The majority of our clients find us online. We use a search engine optimization to find good prospects. We've really focused on making our website look appealing to our prospects, to speak directly to their needs. We're transparent about our pricing, about the benefits that we give clients. By the time that they actually contact me they feel like they already know me.


You'll find me usually through Find a ProAdvisor Yelp or Google, and right away there's always a direct link to my website. On my website I have a video less than 2 minutes, and it goes in detail on how my tax preparation services works, from uploading your documents to having a call with me, we review your tax return, we sign, you get it out. When my clients or my new clients get ahold of me, they get a little bit of an idea on how I work.


The other part of that too is the analytics piece. We want to see where are our prospects going to on our website and how are they engaging with us. What are things that they're clicking on and finding out more information, or where are they going through the process and they stop. Those, the analytics piece allows us to see that information so that we really know how to adjust. I'm really excited about the future because I think that's where people are going to look to as a resource, not just for financials but small business as a whole.