Listen in: Favorite podcasts from your peers

Listen in: Favorite podcasts from your peers

AccounTrendsWith the Intuit® Accountants AccounTrends podcast continuing to feature well-known tax and accounting topics, we surveyed various QuickBooks ProAdvisors® and authors for their recommendations on their favorite podcasts.

Lynda Artesani, Artesani Accounting Services (a self-named “podcast junkie”):

For my niche:

For me:

  • The Successful Bookkeeper’s podcast by Michael Palmer; Michael switches up his topics and all are relevant for our profession.  It is never boring.
  • Growing your firm podcast by Jetpack. This one is always chock full of great tips and techniques, and is very future-forward.
  • Unstoppable CEO Podcast has lots of great info business strategy.
  • Seth David’s Clear your Cookies podcast. I love and adore Seth! He has great guests, and I love hearing the stories behind the people he interviews. There is also some interviews with Misty Megia co-hosting.
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire by John Lee Dumais. John interviews some big name people, including Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tim Ferriss, but sometimes the shows in which you don’t know the guests are the ones you can learn so much from. This one is a lot about goal setting.
  • Cloud Accounting Podcast with David Leary and Blake Oliver. These two are so entertaining, and give us the most up-to-date information on the accounting profession.

Dmitry DragilevJustReachOutCriminallyProlific, PRThatConverts:

Laurie L. O’NeilInnovative Financial Services, LLC:

  • One of my favorite podcast is the Huberman Lab Podcast, where Dr. Andrew Huberman discusses science and science-based tools for everyday life. I am always trying to improve my health and change my mindset.  His podcast is a mixture of both.

Susan Pruskin, Susan Pruskin Consulting: