Live Training and Webinars: December 2016 - January 2017

Intuit® has a number of live certification events in December, along with a virtual conference and certification webinars. Here's the full list:

Live Certification Seminars

Dec. 14 I 5CPE I Free: St. Louis Certification

Dec. 15 I 5CPE I Free: Kansas City Certification

Jan. 4 I 5CPE I Free: Fresno Certification

Jan. 4 I 5CPE I Free: Tuscon Certification

Jan. 5 I 5CPE I Free: San Jose Certification 

Jan. 5 I 5CPE I Free: Rancho Cucamonga Certification 

Jan. 10 I 5CPE I Free: Houston Certification

Jan. 10 I 5CPE I Free: Irvine Certification

Jan. 11 I 5CPE I Free: Dallas Certification

Jan. 11 I 5CPE I Free: LA Certification

Jan. 12 I 5CPE I Free: San Antonio Certification

Jan. 12 I 5CPE I Free: Sacramento Certification

Jan. 13 I 10CPE I Free: Sacramento Advanced Certification

Jan. 17 I 5CPE I Free: Jacksonville Certification

Jan. 17 I 5CPE I Free: Austin Certification

Jan. 18 I 5CPE I Free: Augusta Certification

Jan. 18 I 5CPE I Free: Baton Rouge Certification

Jan. 19 I 5CPE I Free: Birmingham Certification

Jan. 25 I 5CPE I Free: Little Rock Certification

Jan. 25 I 5CPE I Free: Boise Certification

Jan. 26 I 5CPE I Free: Oklahoma City Certification

Jan. 26 I 5CPE I Free: Portland Certification

Jan. 29 I 5CPE I Free: Jackson Certification


Virtual Conference

Dec. 13-14 / 11.5 CPE / Free: Certification Virtual Bootcamp


Certification Webinars

Dec. 20 / 4 CPA / Free: December 20 Certification Webinar

Dec. 28 / 4 CPE / Free: December 28 Certification Webinar

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Trudie Folsom

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