Live Where You Want with a Remote Workforce

QuickBooks Online Accountant allows Michael to manage his entire team remotely with the same efficiency as if they were in the same office. This means he has a larger potential workforce pool to hire from. As a firm based in rural Vermont, this gives him a competitive advantage.

Vermont is one of the two or three states in the country that is actually losing population. So there's probably kind of a larger story around that.

My name is Michael Ly and I am founder and CEO of It is an online bookkeeping and accounting practice based here in Burlington, Vermont.

We serve companies throughout Vermont and the rest of the United States. And one of our clients is We Norwegians, a high-end clothing brand.

I moved to this small rural town to contribute to the community here.

I have family connections here. But establishing my firm in the cloud allowed me to say, "Okay I don't need to hire within the vicinity of Burlington, Vermont."

And QBOA allowed me to do that. And so I'm able to manage the team members within QBOA.

And I also can manage and assign tasks within QBOA platform.

Also, not having them have to come to an office keeps our overhead costs lower but it also instills, I think, loyalty from the workforce.

They often comment, "You are one of the few places we found that is allowing this kind of work and structure and flexibility."

And so that's been a really great draw to not only draw great, under-utilized talent but also provide value and meaning to their own lives as they contribute to their own communities.