Make Online Invoice Payments Easy: Pay with Bolt

Make Online Invoice Payments Easy: Pay with Bolt

Getting paid, managing payments and recording deposits become overwhelming when you’re doing this process with more than a couple of invoices per week, let alone doing this on behalf of your clients. To solve this problem, Devonport Accountants use Pay with Bolt, a smart online solution, and advise their clients to do the same.

“As we are getting busier and trying to run our business, collecting payment is not always easy,” said Ermal of Devonport Accountants. “We’ve started using Pay with Bolt, which links up with Stripe and QuickBooks Online (QBO), and it has taken the stress away from us and is less time-consuming. We 100 percent recommend this product. Our clients are happy to pay using their card details, without us getting involved. It’s also great for PCI DSS compliance.”

When you’re running a busy, successful firm, and helping your own clients collect payments, it’s paramount that invoice payments are swift and collected in an orderly manner; otherwise, you become buried in admin and chasing debt.

As consumers, most people are used to paying for things online. When an invoice is under $8,000, businesses are very happy to settle these using a credit card. This enables almost instant payment terms to be possible, and the customer enjoys the convenience of using their saved credit card through a web browser when it comes to paying. Invoices for larger amounts need to be paid, too, which can be done by selecting an online Direct Debit or ACH method. The small fees that are incurred can be negotiated with your payment provider of choice and represent a welcome price to pay for positive cash flow and the timesaving features Pay with Bolt offers.

Accounting firms like Devonport look for ways to offer extra value and advice to their clients. For years, they’ve been telling people to reduce their invoice payment terms and improve their cash flow. Now, they can implement a “no-brainer” solution for all of their clients with the click of an “Add App” button within QBO. Devonport recommends a product that they themselves use through the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program, something that gives back to them in return.

It turns out that customers are more than happy to pay invoices online. Before, it was the inconvenience and experience that was the excuse not to pay a bill when it was due. Now, accountants have one place to go and one app provider to deal with when it comes to payments. Both their payments and their customers’ payments can be made with a trustworthy partner, Pay with Bolt.