Make the Most Out of App Time at Intuit’s Thrive

Make the Most Out of App Time at Intuit’s Thrive

I’m sure many of you have started packing for Thrive. While it is important to have your packing list ready to go, it’s also just as important to have a packing list of things to bring back. And, no, I’m not talking about the awesome swag we will have in abundance. I’m referring to the app’s marketing flyers. While these may seem like dead weight and a lot of unnecessary paper, especially from the apps you already use, I’m about to show you why this is too important not to overlook.

With the move to a paperless bookkeeping ecosystem, I found that there was something missing. Then, it hit me – there is nothing tangible for the client anymore. They often don’t see anything tangible from us until tax time. However, if we are their trusted advisors, we need to make sure they leave us with something that keeps us in their minds.

So, with a QuickBooks® Online (QBO) sticker in front of me, inspiration hit. When you leave your lawyers office from purchasing a home, or your bank from setting up a mortgage with them, you have a folder with your pertinent documents, and this gives you a feeling of leaving a professional office. With most of us working from home, and on a budget, how do we achieve this professionalism? Actually, quite easy.

I have an extra presentation folder, QBO sticker and some business card stickers. I place those on the front and, on the inside, I put a few extra business cards (of course), a pen, and post it notes with my logo and my marketing flyers. On the right side, I include a printout of the clients’ signed contracts and questionnaires from 17Hats, as well as a welcome letter that I devised. On the left side, I have included flyers from Intuit®, such as their policies on data and security, QBO shortcut key cheat sheet, and relevant app flyers. If the client is working in QBO, I would include either the welcome or getting started guide, which can be found in our QBOA training section. Behind that, I would include the flyers from the apps I was using with the clients’ ecosystem, and then apps that the client may need in the future.

For example, ReceiptBank or Hubdoc is included with each of them, as I am currently using either one of these with all of my clients, depending on which suits their needs better. There will be a point in most businesses when they will be hiring employees, so I include a WagePoint flyer, as well as anticipating that they may be looking for cash flow forecasting or business plans at some point, so you could include Float or LivePlan. It is important to ensure that you are only including apps of relevance. I would not include my InvoiceSherpa flyer to a retail store, for example. 

Then, I make sure to review the folder with my clients and review all of the app flyers briefly. This way, the client knows that I have anticipated their future needs, and whatever those needs be, even those I may not have anticipated, I can access a solution for the client. This instills confidence that I will be the first call when that client has a changing need or pain point.

Check out my video for a visual of the marketing folder, and don’t forget to take advantage of app time to learn about all of the apps and leave room in your suitcase for those flyers!!

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