Digital and Social Media Tips for Accountants

Digital and Social Media Tips for Accountants

What’s hot in accounting firms? Based on the recent AICPA Practitioners Symposium/TECH+/Association for Accounting Marketing Conference, it’s all about increasing market share through digital marketing and social media efforts.

Here are just a few of the many marketing tips for CPAs and accountants looking to retain clients and convert prospects into clients.

Networking – LinkedIn

Do you know if your LinkedIn profile is optimized to attract the attention it needs to help you make the most out of networking?

Sarah Johnson, founder Inovautus Consulting, LLC, shared tips on how to update your LinkedIn profile to expand your network and increase traffic to your site. The keys to success are to keep the tone conversational and to complete the following basic sections.

  • Title: Be creative with the title and include keywords, such as CPA or accountant, to help with search results.
  • Photo: Use a professional-looking for this professional-based social media platform.
  • URLs: Link to your blog or Twitter handle to increase visibility with clients and among peers. This also helps increase backlinking to your website.
  • Customized URL: Create a customized LinkedIn URL so clients may remember and find you easier.
  • Summary: Write in a conversational tone, include keywords and list specialties.
  • Certifications/Awards: Share your successes with others. List periodicals you’ve written.
  • Set a Connection Goal: Create a networking connection goal for your firm’s partners and staff; consider a 20% increase annually.

Website – Search Engine Optimization

Brian Swanson, partner, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services at Flashpoint Marketing, talked about keyword placement to increase Search Engine Results Page (SERP) placement.

  • Include keywords in web page copy and digital marketing materials. Avoid keyword stuffing; use three to four keywords per page.
  • Use inline text links.
  • Exclude duplicate content on multiple pages.
  • Incorporate broad and narrow keywords, such as “personal tax services Chicago” and “taxes.”
  • Consider placing your service locations in the footer rather than in the keywords. Example: “Serving manufacturing clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities.”

Marketing Tips—Building a Niche Market

Gary Shamis of BDO shared insights about niche marketing designed to help your firm stand out from its competition.

  • Blog: Feature a client or industry vertical to help generate interest. Update it one to two times per week.
  • National Advertising: Learn and know what your clients are reading – online or in print – and get into that space.
  • Conferences: Attend and exhibit at industry conferences or create your own conference.
  • Offer Something for Little: Offer to do a service for small free, which would be refunded when the lead becomes a client.
  • Speaking: Present on topics/services you know at industry-related events.
  • Champion: The key to all of this is having a champion inside the firm that supports the effort.

What digital and social media growth strategies would you share with fellow accountants?