Messy Inventory Makeover With SOS Inventory

Messy Inventory Makeover With SOS Inventory

“We want to move our business onto QuickBooks®Online and we need help.”

The call came in from a potential client whose business processes were archaic, to put it best. They had scraps of paper with orders and an inventory count stored in the manager’s head. Calculating reorder points was simply a well-attempted guess. Oh, and their current bookkeeper was the owner’s spouse who had no formal training.

The call was familiar. It seemed that every client I had was wanting to update their processes and stay up-to-date with the changing times. I think everyone was starting to realize streamlining with apps and QuickBooks Online (QBO) could make their lives a whole lot easier (and save them money in the long run due to how much more accurate it was).

Mission Accepted

I agreed to tackle the project, but I was still missing an important piece – the inventory component. I needed something that could do more than just support core inventory management. This particular business required the ability to complete builds versus processes for light assembly, batch manufacturing, job tracking and rentals of inventory.

I had been researching relentlessly. I needed a tight integration with QBO, a robust feature set and a reasonable price point for a small business. 

Finding a Solution

In my quest for the best inventory application, I was introduced to SOS Inventory by a fellow ProAdvisor®. The app had been integrating with QBO since 2009 and had been built from the ground up, specifically for it. The integration worked via a two-way synchronization process in which data was exchanged server-to-server. The reviews and testimonials online were encouraging; SOS was one of the highest rated apps available with accolades from all types of businesses. 

I learned that most SOS customers had between one and 50 employees – although their largest had more than 3000 employees! At this time, current businesses using SOS Inventory included aircraft manufacturers, food processors, craft beer distributors, furniture resellers, electronics manufacturers and medical device makers. They had users in more thank 50 different countries.


I reached out to SOS Inventory and requested a demo. From there, I learned the intuitive interface and watched the instructional videos. The support team was helpful and knowledgeable, and I decided to jump in headfirst with onboarding this particular client. Needless to say, the installation was quick, with minimal training required.

SOS Inventory gave me all the pieces of the puzzle I was missing. I now had sales orders, backorder tracking, assemblies, serial numbers, lots, multiple locations, barcodes, bins and landed costs. 

The best part of this app from my perspective as an accountant was my ability to reconcile journal entries and download many different types of reports. I also had a footprint of every user in the company so I could audit, if necessary.

Life After SOS Inventory

Inventory, order management and manufacturing has become streamlined for my client now. They can calculate reorder points based on historical data (instead of those scraps of paper) and have saved a lot of money. They are no longer “flying blind” with a business that is out of control. Their workflow is organized and efficient.

As an accountant, I have found the system to be very comprehensive, covering all of my client’s needs in purchasing, receiving, assembly, storage, transferring, sales orders and shipping. Synching with QBO has been very dependable and accurate, with the support team at SOS readily available to jump in and address my technical questions in a timely manner.

SOS Inventory has been a real time saver and has allowed my client and I to implement a robust process for inventory close each month, as well as timely information for our management. For my clients with crucial inventory needs, this is now my go-to for an automated system that accounts for our goods in great detail through each step of the management process.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Clients who would be a great fit are small to medium sized businesses looking for a low price point and an advanced feature set.
  • Use SOS Inventory for all your order management needs. You can create sales orders and then create full or partial shipments as needed. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to manage your business smoothly.

Editor’s note: Check out this SOS Inventory Fact Sheet and Checklist.