Moving Big Data with SaasAnt Excel Transactions

Moving Big Data with SaasAnt Excel Transactions

SaasAnt is the preferred app in our firm, Moore Details Inc., when we need to move electronic data securely and accurately from an external source, like a CRM to QuickBooks® Online (QBO). 

With the advancement of so many applications, it is not uncommon to come across an app that doesn’t tightly integrate with QBO. This is where SaasAnt has become our magic wand to simply, securely, quickly and accurately post various amounts data into QBO. 

SaasAnt integrates seamlessly with the QBO API, and you can expect your data to be available in your QBO file within minutes. Once you are connected, you will immediately have access to all the features you need to start importing data. There is very little set up. 

What Can SaasAnt Do?

SaasAnt can post almost anything providing there is a field in QBO. Here is a list of supported transactions we are talking about:

There are two (2) options to push data from SaasAnt to QuickBooks Online.

Option 1: To use the Direct Mapping of your .csv file to the fields. 

Option 2: To use the Excel Template to organize your data.

For audit purposes, we prefer Option 2 in which we keep an electronic file of the data provided by the client’s CRM or other platform and the data file imported by our organization. Below is an example of the Excel Template that is free of charge to download from your SaasAnt portal.

Here are a few situations in which SaasAnt has optimized our firm’s performance:

Trial Balance Load. When onboarding a new client with a “messy” file, we find it better to load the last year end Trial Balance into a new QBO file. This saves us correcting numerous errors into their new QBO file and ensures that we have a good clean start. The issue is that it can be very time consuming to enter a Trial Balance accurately into QBO. With SaasAnt, we are able to easily load the Chart of Accounts and the opening balances

Mid-Year Conversions. SaasAnt is useful for mid-year conversions to QBO from desktop platforms that do not convert using the in-app QBO conversion tool. Three years ago, we migrated a baseball organization from AccPac to QBO using SaasAnt mid-year! It was a tedious process, but we were able to pull it off and save time re-entering six months of data.

Mass Delete Entries. It’s inevitable. Sometimes your clients mess up. Or worse … you do. 

In the event you imported data and feel it was incorrect, feel assured that SaasAnt also has a Transactions Deleter that enables you to delete the batch entered. You can even delete entries using this function by entries not posted by SaasAnt. We have found this to be an incredible resource when cleaning up a client file. A word of caution: review your bank reconciliations after “deleting” data to ensure everything still balances. 

Key points to remember:

  • SaasAnt acts as a connector between applications that do not connect directly to your QBO portal.
  • SaasAnt can move large data safely, accurately and securely in an auditable fashion.
  • SaasAnt can import various field types into QBO. If you can think it, SaasAnt can likely do it!

Here is what several ProAdvisors® have to say about SaasAnt:

“SaasAnt has allowed us to remove another manual data entry point for our weekly bookkeeping clients. The previously time consuming manual process of transferring over sales from an external system into QBO prevented us from providing real time financials to our client. Mapping and Templates with SaasAnt have now made that a painless step for us and reaped huge benefits for our clients.” – Juliet Aurora with Steve Loates, 2017 Firm of the Future Winners

“Saasant is the difference between 2+ hours of manual data entry and 3 minutes with a push of a few buttons. Money and time saved to be invested more efficiently.” – Tammatha Denyes, TD Accounting Services Top 100 Insightful Accountants

“SaasAnt has revolutionized our business. Thanks to this tool we have been able to streamline the movement of data from un-integrated client-specific systems to QBO in a matter of minutes. Our practice could not get along without it.” – Andrea Fernandes, CPA

“We love using SaasAnt for mass editing to our QBO records! We can accomplish tasks that might have otherwise not been an option due to time constraints.” – Lora Johnson, Johnson Accounting

Editor’s note: Check out this SaasAnt Fact Sheet and Checklist.