Multi-tasking Correctly In Accounting and Bookkeeping

How can you get more things done in a  shorter amount of time? Multitask!

However, according to an article by Eva Rykr on Intuit’s® QuickBase, multitasking is usually a mistake. Most of the time, what you are really doing is switching your attention back and forth from one activity to another. While it seems you are doing two or more things at once, usually you are just lowering your productivity and as much as 30%. This is pretty commonly known by now, so why am I advocating multitasking?

While you cannot divide your attention between two cognitive activities (e.g., responding to emails while you write a report), youcan combine a physical effort with a mental effort. You probably do something like this already; such as pondering what to get for whom as holiday gifts while you walk from store to store in the mall. When your schedule becomes overwhelmed, try doing this purposefully.

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