My 6 favorite features of QuickBooks Time

My 6 favorite features of QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks® Time is a critical tool for our 10-person practice. We tried several different ways to track time, from spreadsheets with manual entry into QuickBooks, to bolt-on apps and, finally, to TSheets by QuickBooks – now QuickBooks Time.

QuickBooks Time far exceeded our expectations, which is not the usual experience with software applications, and for QuickBooks ProAdvisors®, it’s free,  so … why not recommend this to your clients and use it for your firm? Not only are we a satisfied user; we actively promote the product to our clients.

Here are some particular highlights of just some of the time entry features our clients and we use:

  1. Each worker – employee or contractor – can be assigned to a set of clients, items, classes, and billable status. As a result, clocking in or entry of time after the fact can be tailored to the worker.
  2. In addition to the browser tool, there is a full-featured mobile app.
  3. The mobile app makes it quite simple to clock in/out, track worker locations and movements via GPS, manage schedules, add notes, switch jobs, record breaks, and more.
  4. A kiosk app is available for businesses with workers who clock in at the same location. They can be set up with a 4-digit PIN to ease the entry process, or take a photo and use facial recognition to confirm identity.
  5. A GPS/Geofencing feature is available to remind workers to clock in/out as they enter or leave a site.
  6. For those with work crews who don’t need or want each worker to clock in/out, QuickBooks Time has crew tracking functionality that allows the manager to clock a group of workers in/out.

And, of course, the fact that QuickBooks Time integrates with QuickBooks is a terrific reason to use the product.

I could go on and on about other benefits for you and your clients; however, instead, I suggest you try it out yourself!

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