My Name is Jan The Bookkeeper And I’m An Appaholic

My Name is Jan The Bookkeeper And I’m An Appaholic

The urban dictionary defines the word Appaholic as the following: “When a person is addicted to downloading apps, mostly useless apps that they use once or twice and then forget about.”

Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed Appaholic, along with a few friends (Kaydee Peterson, Peterson Business Services) who freely admit this fault as well.

The road to this unique place can be plagued with treacherous paths. Several of these paths led me into the land of lost time and a mindlessness of promises never to be fulfilled. My advice? Be very wary and cautious when venturing in and looking around at apps that seem unfamiliar.

There are levels of this disease:

Beginner: Ability to see a plethora of information and overload. Signing up for apps that have free trials and video tutorial after video tutorial.

Intermediate: The ability to discern what is actually needed and solve for the what and the why in the land of apps. What problem am I trying to solve for, and why do I need this app, are the questions that are raised at this level.

Advanced: The user at this level actually asks: 1) what, 2) why, 3) who will be using the product and 4) where is the product most likely to be used – is it through a computer, phone or tablet?

The disease actually develops when the end user is often unaware that his or her daily routine has had an app inserted into every function. This includes, for example, an app to make coffee, wake the kids and turn up the temperature in the house, even when you’re home.

As with any program that helps with addictions, there are steps that will guide you to a place of betterment. These 12 steps represent the path to enlightenment on my journey into technology:

Step 1: I am powerless over apps – and they have become unmanageable (165 to be more accurate).

Step 2: I believe there is a greater Power to help restore my sanity – (yes, I found it …

Step 3: I have made a decision to turn my will and my app selections over to the Intuit App store – to not only go off my reviews, but also to use my peer reviews as well (AppasaurasRex helps here, too).

Step 4: I have made a searching and fearless inventory of myself and my apps (245 on my phone and 165 on my IPad).

Step 5: I have admitted to myself and to my peers the exact nature of my wrong app selections; the worst was “Voice Changer” – don’t download it.

Step 6: I am ready to remove all the defects I have created in QuickBooks® Online (QBO) because I failed to choose the correct apps, including the failure to select the right app, and morphing and modifying QBO, time and time again.

Step 7: I humbly ask my peers to remove all my shortcomings for past and future app selections. The guidance from the reviews in the Intuit® App Center will help me pick my future app selections. Reviews will be my shining light to a correct app selection.

Step 8: I have made a list of all clients who I have failed with incorrect app selections, especially during the busy times or peak seasons. The poor product selection led to duplicate work, hours of wasted time and, of course, manual data entry.

Step 9: I will make direct amends to the people on the list and provide an app that offers the best in customer service and seamless integration. The days of data entry and IIF files will be a distant memory.

Step 10: I will continue to take an inventory of the apps that I use and make careful selection to match the correct app to the correct product to the correct client. When I’m wrong, I will promptly admit it and correct immediately by deleting the app.

Step 11: Through constant mediation and review, I will constantly improve using the Intuit App Store for knowledge and carry out the information learned to improve, keeping a minimum app count (50 or less).

Step 12: Having a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, I will carry out this message to all Appaholics to practice these steps in my daily app selection.

I will see you at QuickBooks Connect. I will be a judge at the Developer Hackathon, where I will be able to get first look at some of the up and coming developments in the application world. Watch for me there. I will be using self-control and practicing the steps.

Editor’s Note: this article is for fun, only, and not meant to offend anyone in a real 12-Step program.