New! Intuit Introduces QuickBooks Detect & Defend, powered by EZShield

New! Intuit Introduces QuickBooks Detect & Defend, powered by EZShield

With data breaches on the rise (there were 1,579 in 2017 alone!1), it’s never been a better time to remind your clients to be proactive about defending their businesses from fraud and identity theft. ID theft of a business? Many think it just happens to individuals, but criminals love impersonating businesses and ripping them off too. Of the 1,579 breaches in 2017, nearly 179 million records became exposed, and businesses accounted for 55% of them.1 If criminals get their hands on the right details about a business, they can file phony tax returns, lease properties, apply for loans, and empty out bank accounts.

Luckily, QuickBooks’ new Detect & Defend service2 offers powerful features to help protect your client’s business from identity theft and fraud.

Dark Web monitoring 

We monitor Dark Web sites, chat rooms, and forums for the business information your clients would like monitored … email addresses, bank account numbers, credit/debit card numbers, phone numbers, and addresses. If we spot information that’s been compromised, we’ll alert your clients right away. 

Business credit and score monitoring 

We also keep a close watch on their business credit reports for activity – activity that could indicate identity theft. If changes pop up in their credit scores,3 addresses or phone numbers, or new lines of credit emerge, we’ll alert them about that as well. 

If ID theft happens: 

Should your client’s business find itself a victim of identity theft, one of our U.S.-based certified Resolution Specialists will personally handle the case from beginning to resolution. Our Resolution Specialists are thoroughly trained and certified as Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists by the Institute of Consumer Financial Education and by the Institute of Fraud Risk Management. The Resolution Specialist does all the heavy lifting for your client to get things fixed, working with banks, merchants and other agencies to help recover lost documents or money and to help correct any fraudulent information or activity that occurred.

Check out Detect & Defend’s other powerful features 

Powered by EZShield

To bring Detect & Defend services to its customers (currently offered to residents of every state except NY), QuickBooks® has partnered with EZShield, a leader in the fraud and identity protection industry. More than 15 million consumers count on EZShield to detect serious identity threats and to help them resolve identity-related crimes that occurred.

Want to learn more about QuickBooks Detect & Defend? Check out

Or give us a call at (800) 749-6400. Care agents are standing by to answer your questions from 8 am to 9 pm (ET).

12017, ITRC Annual Data Breach Year-end Review 

2Intuit® QuickBooks Detect & Defend is not offered in NY state.

3Your business may not have a credit score if it is new, it hasn’t been registered within its state, has no active trades, or if no other businesses are reporting on it.