Carolina Digital Phone Uses QuickBooks for Stronger Client Relationships

We’re highlighting customers who have been on the journey to the cloud with us. Whether they started in 2001 with the first version of QuickBooks Online (QBO) or recently started using the offering, here are the faces, stories and lives of our customers. Thanks for being #ThanksAMillion.

Today, we talked with Nicky Smith, president and CEO of Carolina Digital Phone, about how using QBO has created stronger relationships with his clients. 

Q: Tell us about Carolina Digital Phone

Nicky: I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in the dial-up ISP, server hosting/co-location and web hosting industries. Responding to overwhelming business demand for cloud-hosted phone service, Carolina Digital Phone provides virtual phone systems to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We have several divisions as well, including CarolinaNet, which provides web and server hosting for companies needing traditional web and email hosting to full-rack data center server colocation applications.

Q: When did you start using QBO?

Nicky: I started using QBO in late 2001; I was actually customer number 33! I remember when the QBO team was five to six people, total, and they would call customers personally when updates were being pushed through. I have been managing my company’s accounting using QBO ever since, and we work with a separate accountant for taxes.

Q: What do you find are the biggest benefits of QBO and managing your business via the cloud?

Nicky: We are basically paperless when it comes to billing and invoicing. I have not written a check in three to four years, and QBO’s integration with has been a tremendous boon to our business. Without it, billing would be painful. It is a huge timesaver; we pay approximately 100 to 125 vendors a month, and only have to devote about two to three hours to the task. Accounts payable is an absolute dream come true.

Q: How has using QBO transformed your business?

Nicky: I currently service more than 900 customers and could not manage my books without QBO. Overall, I give the solution an almost perfect score! Since I’m a serial entrepreneur, I’m always looking to start new endeavors and would 100 percent continue to use QBO with each and every new company I start. The solution is very competitively priced, and its design and intuitive features allow me to best serve my customers.