Ninja Warrior Strategy for Accountants: How to Rule Your Niche

Ninja Warrior Strategy for Accountants: How to Rule Your Niche

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Are you a fan of the TV show “American Ninja Warrior?” I absolutely love this show. If you’ve never heard of American Ninja Warrior, it is a sports entertainment competition featuring competitors who are experts at completing seemingly impossible obstacle courses. Men and women from around the country compete for the opportunity to conquer “Mount Midoriyama.”

My heart skips a beat everytime I see one of the competitors tackle obstacles like the Salmon Ladder, the Jumping Spider, the Cliffhanger and the Warped Wall.

Who can resist shouting, “Beat that wall! Beat that wall!”

But, did you know that there are several highly effective lessons you can learn from American Ninja Warrior that will help you to beat the biggest obstacles we face in our accounting businesses right now? 

Do you struggle with obstacles such as acquiring premium clients, communicating your value, positioning yourself as an expert and getting paid what you are worth?It’s time to conquer these challenges once and for all – Ninja Warrior style.

What do Ninja Warriors do better than anyone else?

Ninja Warriors know how to stand out from the competition. Who’s your favorite Ninja Warrior? Here’s the list: 

  • Jamie Rahn – “Captain NBC,” with the superhero costume and green hair.
  • Jessie Graf – The strongest female competitor who wears superhero costumes.
  • Drew Dreshsel – “The Real Ninja,” known for his speed and agility.
  • Joe Moravsky – “The Weatherman,” who has finished stage two of Mount Mirdoriyama three consecutive seasons.

Each one of these Ninja warriors has an inspiring story and a memorable personality. They’re likable, unforgettable and fantastically talented. 

As accountants, we need to stand out from our competition and learn how to make an emotional connection with our prospective clients. If we don’t stand out from the competition and become memorable, then we’re just like everybody else. When you’re like everybody else, all you can compete on is price.

Ninja Warriors sharpen their skills and abilities. Ninja Warriors have varied skills and abilities. Many of them have backgrounds in rock climbing, Parkour, gymnastics and more. They train relentlessly to hone their skills. In fact, many of them own training gyms and some of them even build training facilities in their own backyards.

Failure is not an option for Ninja Warriors. They continue to sharpen their skills, even when faced with bitter disappointment during competition.

Najee Richardson, the Flying Phoenix, failed his rookie season during the city qualifier. But, after training and dedication, he was one of only three men to finish Stage two of Mount Midoriyama.

As accountants, we sometimes have a problem with calling ourselves “experts.” But, our clients are looking for experts to help them solve their biggest problems. We need to become singularly focused on developing our skills so that we can attract ideal clients and get paid what we’re worth.

Ninja Warriors give the audience what it wants. They amaze, entertain and dazzle the audience with their amazing feats of physical prowess. Some Ninja Warriors even entertain the audience in between obstacles.

But, there’s more to it. The audience wants to connect with their favorite American Ninja Warriors as real people – their unique story, their personality, their style and more.

As accountants, we keep telling ourselves that our clients need taxes, accounting and QuickBooks® services. We get frustrated because we can’t figure out why clients don’t value these services. But, in my own experience as a cloud accounting firm owner, I have learned that ideal clients need something well beyond the services that we provide. We need to learn to listen to our clients beyond the numbers and beyond the services that we think they need. We need to listen for our ideal clients’ biggest needs in terms of emotion, time and money.

I’ll See You at QuickBooks Connect 2018, where I’ll share with you the key to unlocking what your ideal client really wants, how you can communicate your value, how you can get paid what you’re worth and rule your niche at my breakout session – Ninja Warrior Strategy for Accountants: How to Rule Your Niche.