One combined, simplified QuickBooks Online Payroll bill coming soon

One combined, simplified QuickBooks Online Payroll bill coming soon

A redesigned Subscriptions and billing tab, enhanced visibility on contractor billing, and one consolidated QuickBooks® Online and Payroll invoice are a few of the exciting changes you’ll see soon.

Here is more on those changes and how they benefit you and your clients.

One centralized bill and fee changes

Over the next few months, you will receive one, new centralized bill for your firm-billed Payroll and QuickBooks Online clients on your current QuickBooks Online billing day of the month. You’ll receive a notification within QuickBooks on the day the new billing begins. For the first month, Payroll charges will be prorated to adjust to the new billing date.

If one or more of your subscriptions is subject to fees for workers’ compensation administration or multiple-state filing, we have waived this fee, to date, as a courtesy. Beginning with the new single invoice, you will now be charged this fee, which will appear on your billing statement.

For a breakdown of these fees, and to ensure your QuickBooks payment method is up to date, please sign in to your Subscriptions and billing page.

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Enhanced visibility for contractor billing

Previously, you have been charged for any contractor your client paid via direct deposit. With the transition to one bill, contractors have a new status on their profile to indicate when the direct deposit feature is turned on, which means you will only be charged monthly for contractors who have marked “Direct Deposit On.” You can easily change your contractor’s status at any time with a quick update on their profile page.


Redesigned Subscriptions and billing tab with details you need

The Subscriptions and billing tab within QuickBooks Online Accountant has been updated to provide the details you need to manage your client subscriptions more efficiently. Highlights include:

  • Two separate tabs with easy-to-view subscription details. One for your firm-billed clients and one for your direct-billed clients.
  • Streamlined client subscription management. Upgrade, downgrade, add product, cancel, or change billing options on the same tab that you use to view your client subscriptions.
  • Enhanced overview of your clients’ products, price, and billing history. Increased price breakdown details in both the Subscriptions and billing tab – and your invoice – make it easier to manage and bill clients.

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For more details, please refer to this article.

What you need to do

  1. Please ensure that your QuickBooks payment method is up to date. We’ll charge both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Payroll subscriptions to that payment method on your single monthly bill.
  2. Sign in here to update your payment method, or go to your Subscriptions and billing page.