Auto-Fetch is a Killer Feature in Hubdoc

Auto-Fetch is a Killer Feature in Hubdoc

Stop chasing paper documents and get your clients’ bank, credit card, and other statements and information when you need them with Hubdoc’s auto fetch feature.

Your clients no longer have to manually download and send you their documents. Hubdoc automates data entry by extracting key data from their documents and then syncs the information with QuickBooks Online. In addition, all original documents are always attached to the transaction in QuickBooks. Most major banks in the United States and Canada are supported by Hubdoc. Major vendors, such as Amazon, Comcast and Verizon, can also be connected.

How Auto Fetch Works

On the Manage Accounts screen, you will find a list of the supported institutions to connect under the “Automated Accounts” tab:

After you connect to your client’s institutions, Hubdoc will start fetching all their statements.

C:UsersmlinDesktopHubdoc PS fetch details.png

Hubdoc automatically extracts key data, includes dates, amount and invoice. Click on “Configure” to code an entry for QuickBooks.

Hubdoc pulls in your client’s chart of accounts, vendors and classes from their QuickBooks account. If this is a recurring bill or monthly statement, select “Autosync” and “Save Configuration” so Hubdoc will remember this transactions and automatically create the entry in QuickBooks. Click “Publish” to sync to QuickBooks.

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All the information entered in Hubdoc comes flawlessly to QuickBooks with the original statement attached.

C:UsersmlinDesktopHubdoc Verizion 3.png

You can easily switch between clients using the Hubdoc Partner Portal to view your
client’s receipts, bills and statements the moment they are synced or uploaded. And, because Hubdoc automatically pulls your clients’ documents into one secure hub, you will only have one login to view and manage the documents from all of your accounts. No more logging into 10 different sites each month to gather recurring bills.

Save yourself the aggravation of nagging your clients for documents. Help your clients get organized and get your work done faster with Hubdoc. Download the Hubdoc app today.