Open New Possibilities by Implementing QuickBooks Online for Latin America

Open New Possibilities by Implementing QuickBooks Online for Latin America

Being a Firm of the Future involves many things, including versatility and possibility. When we think of these two words, we imagine ourselves to be different, unique and authentic. That’s what I mean when I talk about being able to offer our clients the opportunity to reach out to other levels and break the boundaries and the barriers of language, where everything becomes possible.

The possibility is created when we say yes to the challenge of being different and present a solution to the Latino community in need. That is why I have dedicated the last 11 years to develop the possibility that Latin America and Latinos in the United States can solve their accounting and logistics problems with QuickBooks®, in its different versions and applications that go hand in hand with this platform, and I know you can do it, too. QuickBooks has meant the salvation of finances in many Latinos. This population has left behind the archaic and has emerged from the dark tunnel, letting themselves be guided by the light that is QuickBooks.

Intuit® has made that a reality with the accessibility of our QuickBooks Online (QBO) program and in a Spanish version. With this new accounting tool in the palm of our hand, we see how we can implement QBO in all companies in Latin America, from anywhere and at any time.

Something very important is the opportunity to have QBO in Spanish, and focused in companies in Latin America and the subsidiaries in some Latin American countries, as well as in the United States as main offices.

Quickbooks can be so broad and so specific at the same time that you can have it implemented in your customer’s main office here in the U.S. and also in the subsidiary in Latin America. Even if your client or prospect has their main office in Miami, and their subsidiary or branch is in Colombia, the program can be used anywhere and will adapt to the economics/accounting laws and the country tax requirements.

“I am convinced that the only way that we can have all of our affiliates connected is through QuickBooks Online,” said Sergio Villegas of Luxar Trading. “We have QBO in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. It works wonders for us to have everything connected and be able to have as our consulting and training partner for all of our implementation.”

Having QuickBooks Online Global means that small multinational companies, or companies operating outside the United States, can use the software to create localized invoices, pay bills and track the expenses based on standards from where the company is located. Users can customize the currency and format according to the standards of their country. The program can also help businesses process taxes, sales and more.

This means great strides for small businesses around the world. Previously, QuickBooks features and similar programs were not available to companies based outside of the United States or a select number of countries. The new version of QBO Global removes many of the boundaries where small businesses had to become multinationals and operate in other countries.

“Before QBO, I had to spend $9,000 in SAP, a program that we never ended up using because it was too complex for my operations and my personnel,” said Bruno Branco of Autostyle LLC. “I have operations in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Belgium, and everything was a mess. The only way that I was able to have all my business and subsidiaries in order was through QBO and the implementation done by our trusted advisor Vanessa Ocampo.”

The program, which has already been used by companies in more than 130 countries, is also customized for local impact in Latin America. This means that not only can users customize the settings like language, but they can also enter specific country-based information so that they can take full advantage of the program and make it meet the specific needs of the business in their country.

QBO Global maintains all QBO U.S. version features that thousands of companies already use, such as centralized forms, expense and revenue tracking, reporting tools, cloud accessibility, and more.

Technology is changing and the entire accounting industry is as well. What gives us the edge is the ability we develop to maintain solid consulting relationships everywhere and within the Latino market. So, let’s expand our own resources so that we can assume that role as a trusted advisor for the Latin American businesses.