Paperless Accounting Office Reduces Your Printing Needs

Paperless Accounting Office Reduces Your Printing Needs

In a previous post, I talked about the tools we do not need at our desk any longer. And it’s true, there are many we do not need or even want. You can’t scan a paper with a staple in it, and even if you take the staple out, the nipples still stick together and work as a team to make sure the scanner jams.

What about printers? “Surely we need to have printers at the desks,” quipped my staff. Now there is an oxymoron if ever I heard one. A paperless office having printers on every desk to print paper?

One day I strolled down the hall to get coffee and I ran into our handy shredder guy, taking out the shredding to be gobbled up by his monster machine so that no client record will every be discernible to the unsuspecting user of a recycled product. “Hi,” I said as I passed him dragging out a FULL container of discarded paper. I quizzically looked at him … and  then the paper. “When were you here last?,” I asked. “Same day every month,” he cheerily replied.

Whoa, something is dreadfully wrong in Paperlessville. “Leave the bag and go,” I demanded. “You can charge us for a pick up, but leave it for now.” I dragged the unwilling bag into the bull pen and dumped it on the floor in the middle of the horrified workers. I’m sure they were convinced I was totally off my rocker.

I went through the treasure page by page and separated them into piles. When done, I had one small pile of client papers no longer needed. I had another small pile of envelopes and other pile of discarded jackets. I had a third pile of junk mail and personal documents that the staff wanted to get rid of at the firm’s expense. That’s OK, I thought. Yet, I also had one huge, gigantic stack of printed paper, some with reference marks, some with check-marks and a wagon load of paper that was just printed and discarded into the bin.

“What in Sam Purgatory (didn’t want to use a bad word) is this,” I bellowed loudly. “Well,” volunteered one sorry unsuspecting soul, “I keep forgetting to set my default to PDF and it comes out by mistake.” Another proudly peacocked, “Oh, I find it faster to print out the document, reference it and then scan it back in.” The look of complete anger shot holes through the last contributor. He slunk into a fetal position waiting for the hammer to drop!!

So, now we have one printer for all the bullpen. We have Bluetooth wireless printers so we can send our results to admin, to the manager or, heaven forbid, to me, which almost never happens – at least not without some serious sweat beads of trepidation forming on the sender’s neck.

LESSON: Get rid of printers on desks or be sure to set the default on everyone’s computer to PDF. Save our forests and my blood pressure!!!