Why I’d Never Regret Moving to a Paperless Office

Why I’d Never Regret Moving to a Paperless Office

When I look at my practice life, I marvel that I’ve been able to spend my lifetime doing something that I love, and with people I like doing it with.

When I look at my paperless office today, complete with technology that allows me to work from anywhere at anytime that is equipped with data at my fingertips, I am having more fun than ever. My work with clients is also more intense because we now have the time to do much more, and the tools to do the work.

My office is my castle. I have data that streams on to my big screen TV, Bose surround sound when I’m alone and the ability to watch three football games on Sunday when I’m working on a task (Love my football … Go Green Riders). I do “What-If” scenarios, drawing data from all over. I feel like a space-aged financial problem solver!

Regrets? Only one. I wish I could start all over again. With the tools at hand, our work life is exciting. Do I sound like a bit of a geek? Well, if this is what being a geek means, then I’m in.

And how long can we practice? I took over a practice a couple years ago from a retiring brilliant CA. His staff wanted to go paperless, and there was no way he was going to do this after 40 years of doing it “his way.” So, I bought him out, and promised he could stay for three years and come and go as he wanted. “Hmmmmph!” was his reply. Three years later? He was in office every day, using all the new tools. But, don’t let on that you know he is. He’d deny it. When will he leave? Well, we don’t talk about that.

Lesson: Be careful when you change to a paperless office. You may not want to leave!