How to Use the Cloud to Prevent Accounting Data Loss

With more accountants using Intuit’s® cloud-based QuickBooks® Online and Intuit Tax Online, many want to know how working in the cloud not only affects their own practices and businesses, but how they can better inform their own customers about how to maximize the cloud.

Nicos Vekiarides, a writer for the Cloud Computing Journal, recently posted a blog article about how you can use the cloud to prevent data loss, with a specific focus on disaster recovery:

“Until recently, maintaining a live, real-time copy of business data for disaster recovery meant replicating to a secondary data storage system off-site. Whether housed in a secondary company location or a dedicated colocation facility, it required a separate expenses for data storage, network infrastructure, data center space and operations. Costs aside, getting set up is a time and administratively intensive process.”

The article cites a recent survey from CA Technologies, 55% percent of U.S. businesses expect to increase usage of the cloud to meet business continuity objectives. According to the study, all of the 300 businesses surveyed experienced some type of data loss event in the past year and the vast majority admit their data was inadequately protected.

As systems become more sophisticated, accountants should look at ways to use the cloud to store and secure data. Visit Intuit News Central for future stories on cloud-related topics.