ProAdvisor Profile of the Month: Seth David

ProAdvisor Profile of the Month: Seth David

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program equips accounting professionals with the tools they need to fuel small business success. In 2003, Seth David founded Nerd Enterprises, Inc., providing consulting and training services in accounting and software. In this profile, Seth describes his journey with QuickBooks® and the ProAdvisor Program, introduces TSheets, and explains how his web videos allow him to reach more clients and help other accountants and bookkeepers grow their practice.

Sheila Kilbride: Hello, Seth, thanks for speaking with me today. Please give me a summary of your practice.

Seth David: In 2003, I founded Nerd Enterprises, Inc.. I have two employees and am located in Burbank, Calif., although my business is completely remote. I provide training and consulting services, and my niche comprises eCommerce and real estate clients. On the training side, we show you how to manage your books and use QuickBooks. On the consulting side, we do it for you. For the business owner, we are their back office. For our accountant and bookkeeper clients, we are a resource to help them retain their clients and grow their practice.

Sheila: Would you tell me a little bit about your training and early career?

Seth: I am an accountant and the services I provide range from basic bookkeeping to sophisticated CFO-level financial modeling. I also enjoy technology, taught myself how to use and leverage QuickBooks, and eventually began sharing out my QuickBooks tips and tricks by creating web videos.

Early in my career, I was employed by a large CPA firm in Santa Monica. While it was great experience, I learned that I preferred to work for myself. Initially, I built my business on the side. When it was generating enough income, I quit my day job. My business is named Nerd Enterprises, Inc. because I didn’t want to limit myself to just accounting and the name reflects my personality and style. Although I do serious work, I don’t take myself too seriously.

Sheila: What led you to create web videos as a training tool?

Seth: Initially, I created QuickBooks how-to videos to save myself time. As I added new clients, I kept getting the same questions over and over. When I got tired of rewriting the same emails, I thought there has got to be a better way. One day when I was attending a webinar a lightbulb went on. I could create videos to explain accounting or QuickBooks. Then every time I got a question, I could just share the video link.

In 2008, a colleague suggested I post my videos on YouTube. At that time, YouTube and social media were really starting to take off. I was in the right place at the right time, and YouTube became an incredible platform for me to gain visibility and grow my business. To my surprise, accountants and bookkeepers liked my videos and began reaching out to me for help. They were experts in accounting but needed coaching on the mechanics of QuickBooks and how to get it to give them what they wanted. That’s how the training side of my business started.

Sheila: What made you an advocate of QuickBooks Online and working in the cloud?

Seth: In 2016, I decided to focus my business solely on QuickBooks Online, because I was moving to flat-fee-based value pricing. In order to improve my profitability on this new pricing model, I needed to increase my productivity. Cloud-based technology allowed me to integrate all my applications and exchange information between QuickBooks Online and other apps super efficiently. I no longer needed to do data entry and reconciliation. That freed up my time to focus on higher value activities. Now I only take clients who use QuickBooks Online.

Sheila: Tell me about TSheets by QuickBooks, the cloud-based, time tracking app, and why you love it.

Seth: Up until I met Matt Rissell and his team at a technology conference in Los Angeles in 2012, I tracked my time in spreadsheets. While I thought it worked well, l learned it wasn’t always accurate. Because I was filling it out from memory and then someone else was keying it into payroll software, there was room for errors and omissions. TSheets solved that problem perfectly. Employees clock in and out on their mobile apps and then that information is automatically synced with QuickBooks Online. What’s cool about TSheets is it’s also a valuable tool for job costing. My employee, Erica, who gets paid a flat rate, uses TSheets to track her hours on different projects so she can see where she is spending her time and if there is an opportunity to increase her efficiency.


Sheila: TSheets highly values their accounting and bookkeeping partners. Tell me about TSheetsPRO.

Seth: A TSheetsPRO is any accountant or bookkeeper who refers clients to TSheets. It includes a free, unlimited TSheets account for the first year. To make your account free for life, just refer one client or become a certified TSheetsPro. When you refer clients, for the first year you’ll earn 20 percent residual commission and you can offer your clients a 10 percent savings. You’ll also get dedicated PRO support. In 2014, I won a $5,000 first prize for being their #1 referrer. I love and use TSheets and that’s why I recommend it to my clients.


Sheila: Tell me some of your highlights in the ProAdvisor Program.

Seth: In 2004, I joined the ProAdvisor Program to get access to all the licensed versions of QuickBooks Desktop. That way when I signed a new client, I had on hand whatever version of QuickBooks they were using. I also used the Accountant edition which allowed me to toggle through the different versions.

I became QuickBooks certified when I joined Intuit’s Trainer Writer Network and continue to get recertified every year. QuickBooks certification increases my credibility with clients. In terms of technical support, I am so grateful to be a Diamond-level ProAdvisor. When I call, an agent usually answers within 60 seconds. He/she really listens to me, rather than reading from a script, and after asking a few questions quickly gives me a solution. I recently did a complicated client migration from QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to QuickBooks Online, hit a snag and called support, and still completed the entire migration in 30 minutes. That’s incredible!

Sheila: Why should an accountant or bookkeeper, who is not a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, join the program?

Seth: It plugs you into the ProAdvisor community, taps you into the resources you need, all so you can better serve your own clients. Why wouldn’t you want to be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?