QuickBooks and PayPal Can Help Your Clients Get Paid Faster

Coming very soon, you can help small business clients get paid faster by advising your customers using QuickBooks® Online that they can accept payments via PayPal, tapping into the more than 197 million PayPal users worldwide. Not only will you be an accounting hero for helping your clients get paid more quickly, but if you invoice your clients with PayPal, you’ll also benefit from the same swift payments. Early adopters of this product found that they cut the average number of days until payment by up to two weeks. And, who doesn’t want to be paid faster?

The average small business accounting client waits 28 days for invoice payments. For many small businesses and self-employed individuals, that can be an eternity, but help is on the way and you can be the one to let your clients know. By helping your client succeed, you deliver added business value that helps deepen your relationship. This new QuickBooks feature is a result of the expanded partnership between Intuit® and PayPal, created with the express purpose of helping small business customers get paid faster.

Setting up QuickBooks Online to accept PayPal payments is simple. Your client doesn’t even need a PayPal account. The first step is for your client to apply for QuickBooks Payments in their QuickBooks Online account. Applying consists of a short, easy to understand questionnaire. Approval is fast. If your client is already a QuickBooks Payments customer, in a few weeks, they should be seeing the option to be paid by PayPal on their invoice. If they are not seeing it, have them reach out to our customer care team.

Next, create and send a QuickBooks eInvoice to your customers, with the “credit card” box checked. 

The customer will receive an eInvoice with a “Pay now” button that automatically offers payment via PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank transfer. 

The “Pay now” button enables the customer to pay immediately, without having to leave the onscreen invoice to write a check. 

When the transaction is finished, a confirmation is sent via e-mail. 

Once the PayPal payment is accepted in your client’s QuickBooks Online account, the invoice will be marked “paid” as soon as the transaction is complete. The whole process just takes a few minutes.

Now, you can be a hero to your small business and self-employed clients by helping them get money in the door faster. And, of course, since they are already used to payments via PayPal, they’ll know exactly what to do when you send them your invoice with the “Pay now” button. Learn more about QuickBooks Payments.