QuickBooks Connect: 2020 A virtual experience

QuickBooks Connect: 2020 A virtual experience

The world around us may be different than it was in 2019, but one thing remained constant. QuickBooks® Connect provided a dynamic experience for the thousands of accounting professionals and small businesses who attended.

And while this year’s conference was virtual on Nov. 18, its mission remained the same: to bring everyone together in one place and deliver powerful and inspiring moments, insights, and connections to bring back to their firms and businesses to help them grow and prosper. This is what the Intuit ecosystem is all about, and the theme of QuickBooks Connect 2020, “We go further together,” very much exemplified this feeling.

“This has been a year unlike any other, as our world changed almost overnight back in March,” said Alex Chriss, general manager of small business and self-employed group, Intuit® QuickBooks. “Our vision is for QuickBooks to be the source of truth for your business or firm, providing a single integrated platform to address your needs, no matter how big or small your business or firm may be. And, with all that is going on this year, we’ve been increasing the speed of innovation and pushing ourselves to grow and evolve QuickBooks, so that it can be there for you now when you need it most.”

With more than 8 million small businesses worldwide using QuickBooks, Intuit understands the needs and priorities of accountants and small businesses. We work hard to make sure you are delivering the value and guidance needed to take your clients to the next level and provide you with the tools you need to survive, thrive, and increase your bottom line. And during these challenging times, we also believe it’s our job to be there for you and recognize all that you are doing on behalf of your clients.

“You’re also a therapist to your clients … who are going through A LOT,” said Ariege Misherghi, vice president and accountant leader, Intuit QuickBooks, who delivered one of the keynotes at QuickBooks Connect. “And, you are going through it right there with them. It’s emotionally taxing, but you lend your strength, your experience, and your wisdom to your clients.”

A number of innovations for QuickBooks Online were presented by both Misherghi and Chriss on the Main Stage at QuickBooks Connect, so check them out and also watch the videos below for the keynotes.

For more in-depth information, you can watch all the keynote and innovation presentations in the QuickBooks Connect on-demand content.

Intuit will continue offering continuous learning throughout the year with various presentations on QuickBooks Connect, so check back frequently for updates.