QuickBooks Live update – February 2021

QuickBooks Live update – February 2021

We continue to evolve QuickBooks® Live Bookkeeping to better meet the needs of small businesses who aren’t currently connected to an accountant, and the qualified bookkeepers and ProAdvisors® who provide the service. Let’s get into the latest updates and tests that we are getting ready to run.

In November 2020, we shared that QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping customers often ask us for help with their business taxes. As a result, we will launch a small pilot in February that pairs current QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping customers with business tax professionals. The experts providing the service for this pilot are TurboTax® Live experts who are highly experienced tax professionals and have worked with Intuit® for multiple years assisting customers with taxes.

The pilot will consist of a limited number of small business customers whose books were cleaned through QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping. We may introduce additional criteria that limits eligibility, such as business type, forms needed, and company size. To recruit these small businesses, we will be contacting a limited number of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping customers starting this week.

This pilot allows us to better understand interest in the offering and learn how we can best meet customer needs.

What’s next

During this tax season, we will learn from this limited pilot to inform any next steps. We will continue to keep you updated throughout the journey.

Frequently asked general questions about QuickBooks Live

Is the QuickBooks Live business tax service offering now available?

No. We are only launching a small pilot to test and learn about the process and market fit of the service.

Can any small business sign up for QuickBooks Live business tax services?

No. The pilot will consist of a limited number of small business customers whose books were cleaned through QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping.

What’s included in the QuickBooks Live service?

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping includes maintaining, updating, fixing, reconciling, and categorizing transactions throughout the month. At the end of each month, QuickBooks Live Bookkeepers evaluate and close a small business’s books and deliver PDF copies of key financial reports, including a profit and loss statement and balance sheet. A small business can request a phone or video chat with a bookkeeper to go over the reports. QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping now also includes cleanup for new Live customers, which starts immediately after signup.

Will you continue offering Find-a-ProAdvisor?

Yes, we’ll continue investing in and offering Find-a-ProAdvisor. We have a dedicated team working every day on making Find-a-ProAdvisor better for ProAdvisors, driving even more connections between accountants and small businesses through our platform.

Will QuickBooks Live be offered to small businesses who already have an accountant?

Our goal is to offer QuickBooks Live to small businesses who aren’t currently connected to a ProAdvisor, bookkeeper, or accountant. The only way we can determine if a small business is connected to an accounting professional is if that small business’s QuickBooks Online (QBO) file is linked to a QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) account. If a small business’s QBO file is linked to a QBOA account, we hide in-product messages and information about QuickBooks Live from them.

Can I be a QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper?

If you are interested in participating in the program, please see this page for more information.

Can I give feedback on QuickBooks Live?

Absolutely! We value your input very much. Please take a moment to share your thoughts.