QuickBooks Mobile Apps to Take Your Clients' Businesses to the Next Level

With many of your clients on the go, it’s important that you adapt to their work regimen and lifestyle to get them what they need anywhere, anytime. Today’s technology does just that, with smartphones holding more computing power in your hand than was on board the entire Apollo 11 spacecraft on its 1969 journey to the moon. Now is the time to help your clients harness the power of the cloud and tap into the apps that will take their business to the next level.

The first step for you and your client is to download the QuickBooks® Online mobile application so that you can see all of your clients’ financial information immediately, anywhere. This mobile app will go a long way to making your clients’ business more mobile. The next step is to connect to an app that integrates with QuickBooks Online. There are apps that do everything from automating expense reporting to tracking employee time, and it’s your obligation to find your clients the ones that best fit their business. Many of these apps offer free trials, so they can certainly try before they buy.

Here’s a rundown of popular applications that can help your clients automate typical business tasks, simply by using your fingertips and their mobile phone:

Your Clients Invoice Their Customers on the Spot with QuickBooks App

The sooner your clients invoice their customers, the sooner they get paid. Getting paid the same day can make a world of difference to their cash flow. When they activate Payments in their QuickBooks Online, your clients can use the QuickBooks app to email invoices with a Pay Now link and accept credit cards and bank transfers online.


Your Clients Pay Bills Anywhere with Bill.com

Your clients receive all their invoices in a digital inbox. Bill.com digitizes their accounts payable so that they can approve and pay bills with a single tap on your mobile device. There’s no more checks to sign, and no more double entry, as it syncs with QuickBooks. With your clients’ business payment system all electronic, the paper-filled office is eliminated.

Take Payments Anywhere with Square

The free Square Reader allows your clients to take credit card payments on their smartphone or tablet. It plugs into the standard headset jack of their phone, making it a mobile point of sale system. To feed their Square data into their QuickBooks Online, simply connect the Sync with Square app, and they’ll avoid a ton of double data entry. They’ll never miss another sale.

Automate Your Clients’ Expenses with Expensify

Managing expenses can be a time-consuming hassle. Imagine no more digging through handbags for receipts. No more typing in data late at night. Expensify automatically picks up the merchant, date and amount of photographed receipts on your mobile device and feeds that information directly into QuickBooks Online. The expense report is generated electronically and can be paid automatically, or after being approved by management. Your clients can save hours of data entry time, while making their accounting up to date and accurate.

Simplify Job Management and Time Tracking with Jobber

If your clients’ business bills by the hour or manages multiple projects, a job management and time-tracking software app can make them more competitive, help them estimate jobs more accurately, streamline time sheets with billing and integrate their payroll. Jobber combines mobile scheduling, CRM, invoicing and time tracking into one package to help businesses get organized. The app uses drag and drop scheduling to make the process fast and efficient. It also keeps track of everything your clients need to know about their customers.

Improve Customer Relationships with Insightly

For your clients, compiling histories about their customers and using that information to serve them can be key to growing their business. Transaction history, favorite products and business cycles information can help your clients deliver the right product or service at the right time.

Insightly is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that tracks everything about a lead or a contact — from background, email history and social media posts, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated. Your clients can use Insightly’s integrated project management tools to make sure they’re on top of their customer relationship at every stage of the project. With Insightly, they get a full picture of each customer at any time.

There’s no time like today to take your clients’ business to the next level by going more mobile . Simply find the right apps for their business, and help them automate everything. Encourage them to take the dive into the cloud with QuickBooks Online, guide them every step of the way and see their profits skyrocket. The value you will have provided, and the potential they will tap into, is endless.