QuickBooks Online Advanced and law firms: A winning combination

QuickBooks Online Advanced and law firms: A winning combination

Artesani White Paper ThumbnailExpanding law firms that are adding attorneys and locations are often in real need of professional accounting guidance. To address that need, Artesani Bookkeeping specializes in serving these clients. Recently, a fast-growing immigration law firm approached my firm for one-time help, transitioning from antiquated proprietary desktop software to the best cloud-based accounting software for law firms. After assessing the client’s needs, one thing was clear: QuickBooks® Online Advanced was the best tool for the job.

Here is a white paper that goes into more detail. Click on it to review and download.

Moving my client to Advanced, Intuit’s® most powerful online accounting option, helped this immigration law firm in five important ways:

  1. It saves time using batch invoicing and transactions.
  2. It seamlessly integrates with the Lean Law app.
  3. We can get the right information into the right hands via custom roles.
  4. We can improve new client experiences with enhanced custom fields.
  5. The client benefits from powerful, high-level reporting tools.

Advanced reduced the time needed to process 2,000+ monthly invoices, enabling my client to reassign one full-time administrative staff member to higher-level tasks that make the business more prosperous. It streamlined new client intake processes across the entire business. Last but not least, Advanced’s powerful reporting capabilities made it possible to demonstrate the value of Artesani Bookkeeping’s ongoing advisory services.

Using the best software tool for this job meant Advanced helped my legal firm client address its growing pain points and expand, and I made strides in my specialty in accounting for legal services businesses. What can I say? Advanced is good for business!