QuickBooks Online Advanced: Online Back-up and Restore

QuickBooks Online Advanced: Online Back-up and Restore

Accountants have consistently provided Intuit® with the feedback that the ability to back up and restore company data is among the most important features they want added to QuickBooks® Online. In response to that feedback, Intuit acquired ChronoBooks, a third-party application that does just that.

As part of the acquisition plan, ChronoBooks now exists within QuickBooks Online Advanced as the Online Back-up and Restore feature, and is included with all Advanced subscriptions. Now, you and your clients can rest easy, knowing company data is synced and backed up. Users can also restore the books to any historical point in time and track changes.

“Online Back-up and Restore is an amazing addition to QuickBooks Online Advanced,” says Erin Walsh Dyer, co-founder of The Bookkeeper’s Friend. “You can memorialize a new client’s books prior to a cleanup project, and keep a static copy at the close of an accounting period or at tax prep. It can also be used as a rewind feature should any data imports or entries have unexpected results. I am delighted. Thank you, Intuit!”

Accountants using Advanced can now easily activate this feature for their Advanced account or their clients’ accounts. All data affecting the QuickBooks Online Advanced chart of accounts is backed up (with the exception of some billable expenses).

With Advanced’s Online Back-up and Restore feature, users can:

  • Back up company data every few minutes.
  • Restore their Advanced company to a specific, historical point in time.
  • Track changes and see a log of saved versions based on date, time, and number of tracked changes.


Online backup and restore

QuickBooks Online Advanced is the latest Intuit software that helps high-growth businesses be more productive. Advanced includes features such as batch transactions, powerful business analytics and insights, custom roles, enhanced custom fields1, and workflow automation.

1Up to 10 active custom fields available only in Sales forms, Purchase Orders, and Reports.