Top 3 Features in QuickBooks Online Accountant That Improve Workflow

Top 3 Features in QuickBooks Online Accountant That Improve Workflow

There’s been lots of talk lately about how we , as accounting professionals, are Super Heroes to our clients, and I’ve been a firm believer in this viewpoint for about a year. Then, I got to writing about how we have so many tools in QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) at our fingertips – FREE TOOLS, mind you – that we can use to help us turn our own offices into mini Halls of Justice.

Here are 3 features in QBOA that will rock your world … and help you be Wonder Woman, Superman, the Flash and just about any other superhero you can imagine.

Reclassify Transactions: Yes. I know it’s been around for a long time, but it’s still my very favorite tool we have as the accountant user in our clients’ QuickBooks Online subscription. Not only DO I reclassify non-item based transactions to the proper GL account, but I also  review item-based transactions to review any issues with Products/Services setup – such as posting to a cost of goods or expense account, instead of an income account.


Accountant Only Reports: These are a group of reports that are only available if logged in via the Accountant User. I use the comparison reports all the time; it’s one of the services we include for our monthly bookkeeping clients, where we customize, memorize and set up a group for them.


Last Reconciliation Dates: This one isn’t so much a tool, as it is a way for us to help make sure our clients are up-to-date. We have certain clients who we provide occasional support, to instead of monthly services. These clients manage their own bank feed transactions and reconciliations; if we see that they haven’t reconciled in awhile, there is an opportunity for us to step in and offer these services to keep them on track … and, we look like super heroes for reaching out!


So, there you have it. Three amazing tools in QBOA that help us help our clients. If you haven’t already – join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program, get certified and then go get that superhero cape!