QuickBooks Online is a Win/Win for Accountants and Clients

Jessica and Greg share why it's a benefit for both their firm and their clients to make the jump to QuickBooks Online.

In the beginning, not everybody was on QBO, and some of them didn't even know what QBO was.

Are we willing to lose these clients in order to make this jump?

My name's Greg Daley.

- And I'm Jessica Daley, and we are the co-owners of Xcelerate Business Solutions, a cloud-based accounting firm here in Fort Collins.

- We love working with small businesses, but...

- We realized that we love working with the churches.

We decided to, slowly, begin to migrate the clients that were on the desktop to QBOA, and we also decided that any new clients we really would push to the cloud automatically.

And we also had to learn a new type of working relationship together.

Instead of opening up 20 to 40 to 60 different desktops with all different passwords, I have one password and can see all of my clients in one.

- And even though it was really beneficial for our business, we needed to translate that into, "It's really beneficial for you as well."

- And so a big selling point of QBOA was, you can have 24/7 access to your data all the time.

So when we ran our profit-and-loss and our balance sheet and made sure that things matched, we immediately gave them log-ins, and they were able to go in and see their data instead of waiting.

So they were very fearful at first, and now they are very grateful that they did this.

The QBOA platform is the only way that we could have done this.