QuickBooks Online new features and improvements – April 2020

QuickBooks Online new features and improvements – April 2020

With the onset of COVID-19, we know you’re focusing on the best ways to support your firm and your clients. Recertification can help you emerge from this period in the best position possible, including being able to leverage new product features that can help clients through tough times – and make the good times better.

What’s new in April

Elevating accounting pros to business advisors

Your QuickBooks® recertification will have a wider window this year

Accountant cash flow continuity playbook

Elevating accounting pros to business advisors

In a nutshell: Advisory services require a mental shift in the way most accountants look at things. It’s a focus on creating plans for the future, not just assessing the past. Almost anything you do to provide value for your clients outside of regular compliance work can raise your game and improve your clients’ business prospects and yours.

The Business Performance dashboard

Clients need to make critical decisions to keep their business more viable and stable. That’s why they turn to you. As an accounting professional, you have the financial expertise to help make decisions, but often lack the data, tools, and training to deliver advisory services.

A business performance dashboard is an invaluable new tool that shows how a client’s business is doing to help accountants identify opportunities – a crucial first step in having productive advisory conversations with clients.

Industry Benchmarking

There’s a new way to assess how a client compares to similar businesses in their industry and location, without taking the time required to become an industry expert.

Using the industry benchmark comparison tool, you can measure performance against businesses in your client’s industry and location, delivering smarter insights and revealing a path for new opportunities.

Your QuickBooks recertification will have a wider window this year

In a nutshell: To support you through these months of uncertainty, we are giving you more flexibility in your recertification process.

This year, you’ll be able to recertify between April 20, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2020. The recertification curriculum has been updated to include the latest features in QuickBooks Online Accountant, so you can keep your skills sharp and stay ahead. As a special bonus, if you pass the recertification exam by May 20, 11:59 p.m., PDT, you’ll receive a special QuickBooks-branded gift, shipped directly to your door.

Thank you for everything you’re doing to help your company and clients through this difficult period. Now, let’s get you recertified.

How it works: If you passed your recertification last summer, or took the full certification before Nov. 1, 2019, you’ll need to take this year’s recertification. If you certified after Nov. 1, 2019, you’ll have to recertify in 2021. The best place to verify is the ProAdvisor® training portal. For full details about this year’s recertification, including an FAQ, please read our Firm of the Future article.

Accountant cash flow continuity playbook

In a nutshell: The accountant cash flow continuity playbook was created to make it easier for you to quickly assess your clients’ cash situation and advise them during this time. Forecasting tools, combined with industry best practices and resources, give you a range of options for your clients, with the goal of staying cash positive for the next few months.

How it works: The accountant cash flow continuity playbook is organized into five sections:

  1. Identifying clients who need help the most, so you can prioritize and provide support across your practice.
  2. Generating a cash flow forecast, with a step-by-step cash flow planner spreadsheet.
  3. Maximizing cash flow, with guidance on how to develop the most effective action plan for your clients.
  4. Staying a step ahead, with links to regularly updated COVID-19 resources.
  5. Running QuickBooks reports to get the key data you need.

Read the complete playbook on Firm of the Future, or find it along with additional COVID-19 resources in the QuickBooks Online Accountant ProAdvisor tab.